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Sonos tips, tricks and features

Sonos tips to help you set up your Sonos system. How to set up your Sonos music system. The attraction of a Sonos system within your commercial or residential building is its ease of use and various options on instillation to suit a new or existing installation environment. Therefore the Sonos tips below will help

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SONOS – The saviour of early waking toddlers

SONOS Installation Once again I found myself waking up to the baby monitor of our 3 year old at 5am on a Sunday morning. Furthermore she was murmuring about how she wanted to get up. Therefore our SONOS installation was to come into its own In the past this would of involved walking upstairs to

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Data Cabling – Hiding your AV Equipment

IT Cabling – Home AV Installations With home AV installation, many times the question is “To See or Not to See” With this purpose in mind the advice below will assist in your AV installation Is it a Mirror? Is it a TV? Or is it Both? Firstly on every Home AV Installation you have

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