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Home AV Cabling

Over the past few years, the use of technology throughout the home has exploded. Public expectations of technology have also increased and people are taking on more and more ambitious projects in their homes.

This is in part due to the growing popularity of smart home devices like Amazon Echo, but it is also due to a rise in more sophisticated and affordable home AV systems. While the ability to play music in every room of the house was once something only available to the rich and famous, it is now becoming far more commonplace.

Home AV Cabling Check List

When designing your home AV cabling systems, there are several key things that you should keep in mind, such as:

  • Plan ahead – Make sure you spend sufficient time upfront thinking about the needs and desires of everyone impacted by this cabling project. This will determine the cabling that goes to each room, and the types of connections that you desire. Failure to invest this time up front can lead to things being forgotten or overlook. If you are not sure about the cabling needs in particular rooms, it is better to assume that you will need them anyway.
  • Don’t rely on Wi-Fi – While the vast majority of devices today are wireless or have wireless capability, it is best not to rely on Wi-Fi for AV systems. Hard wired systems are far more reliable and secure and there is nothing more annoying while watching a movie than being interrupted by a poor data connection.
  • Invest in the best – Your choice of cabling and networking equipment can have a demonstrable impact on the rest of the systems so it is vital that you don’t simply make this decision on cost. Going for the cheapest option will result in substandard video or audio that you are likely to regret further down the line.
  • Future proof – Modern technology moves so fast that is makes sense to keep one eye on the future. Your AV cabling should meet your needs today, but also have flexibility to grow and evolve as your needs and desires change in the future. To future proof your cabling you should think about things like installing the highest bandwidth possible, and including more access points that you currently need.

Seek Expert Cabling Advice

With so much to keep in mind, getting home AV cabling right can be a real challenge. While some people think they can get by installing the cabling themselves, it always pays to consult a professional. Going it alone can lead to costly or dangerous mistakes.

Even if you have installed cabling in the past, it makes sense to get the opinion of a professional on the latest developments or trends in order to make your project a success.

For more information on Home AV Cabling or to talk through the various options with one of our expert practitioners, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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