Warehouse Data Cabling Installations

Cabling installation solutions for warehouse space including working at high level

Data cabling in warehouses and distribution centres brings its own set of challenges. Generally in a warehouse environment data cabling and electrical requirements need to be installed from powered access lifts. In addition these can vary in height but usually starting from 8 metres and beyond. This demands careful pre-planning of cable runs around the structure and along trays, also bearing in mind the limited amount of working space.

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Data Cable Installation for Warehouse and Distribution Sites

The design and planning involved when working in a warehouse space is very different than working in a commercial, education or hospitality space.

Installations often require a flexible installation program with a high reliance on out-of-hours working to minimise disruption and maximise employee safety.

The additional considerations in a warehouse include the following

  • Longest distances and greater exposure to a larger area of working space
  • The requirements to work above equipment or employees when cross with data cabling routes
  • The movement of the powered access equipment along the floor and its exposure to employees
  • The increased time for installation due to the complexity.

NM Cabling adheres to all health and safety requirements, and coordinates schedules with busy warehouse operations. These may include warehouse racking and automated picking equipment, as well as the operational work of other trades in the area.

Warehouse Installation Projects

  • Installation of high level fibre optic cabling and data cabling to mail sorting machines for a Postal Service Company
  • Installation of WiFi Access Points and cabling throughout a Pet Supply Warehouse
  • Overall cabling installation for WiFi, CCTV and Data Cabling for a warehouse automation company
  • Linking together of 2 warehouses for an international tool manufacturer

Warehouse Installation Surveys

Generally all our site surveys are free of charge. Likewise they are non-committal and we always strive to discuss the best design and outcome for your requirements.

In addition for projects you are always allocated a dedicated project manager to further design, co-ordinate and implement your project.

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