Warehouse Data Cabling Project Case Study for Avtrade

Client: Excell Group | Sector : Aviation |  Duration: 6 Months
Excell Group are the telecommunications provider for Avtrade and for their new head office in Sayers Common,

NM Cabling carried out the data cabling works throughout the warehouses, offices and plant rooms.

The project expanded into the cabling then being installed for the CCTV, door entry, Wi-Fi and PA systems for each of the hardware providers

The installation within the warehouse was all high level off boom lifts and scheduled in with a busy fit out of the warehouse racking and equipment and well as the construction work of other trades in the area

The presence of the warehouse racking, created some project management considerations regarding the location of cabling, the ability to run the cabling on the tray, around and through the racks and the limited amount of space to work in

The offices were installed using a grommet and GOP box design.

This allowed the cabling to be brought up inside the desks and then the ability to put the cabling back down into the floor and allow for flexibility in office desk layouts

There were also fibre optic cabling links throughout the building  and location to link to front gate entrances and link to Phases 2-4 of the site.

Avtrade New Global Headquarters – the UK Warehouse & Logistics Hub completes the first phase of Avtrade’s new global HQ development.
With the Phase 2 offices plus 12,800 sq mtr extension to the new warehouse completion during 2014 to accommodate the expanding business.

Avtrade new head office  – Full Cabling Case study document