Office Moves, IT Moves and Changes

IT Moves, adds and changes (MAC)

Relax with our moves and changes service to smooth your office moves

Keep computing equipment and peripherals up-to-date and accessible with our comprehensive Moves, Adds and Changes service.
From day-to-day desk swaps to relocations involving office reorganisation to complete office relocation, our team can provide office moves and changes solutions. In addition we can move computers, telephones and peripherals. Furthermore the adjustment or installation of data and electrical cabling. Through careful design, planning and dedicated on-site management, we can quickly provide relocated or new, fully functioning IT systems. In addition moving desks and furniture at the same time.

Any existing health and safety issues such as broken wall and floor boxes, trailing leads causing trip hazards or overloaded electrical sockets will be resolved by our team. Furthermore any floor boxes that require moving will have carpet tiling re-laid and cut to fit. We can work to your schedule and out of hours as necessary to minimise disruption.



Office Relocation IT Moves and Changes

Data Cabling for Office Relocation

Office Moves and IT relocation from office reorganisation to complete office relocation. In addition to moving data cabling and office floor boxes we can also arrange complete IT moves. This includes computer moves, computer terminals and accessories. We can hence provide a fully functioning IT system ready to use straight away.

Floor Box Relocation and Installation

Floor box relocations to facilitate desk moves and employee changes. Office reorganisation and moves frequently cause floor boxes to become inaccessible or too far away from desks. Furthermore leaving  workstations with insufficient data and electrical outlets. Health and safety can be compromised through trailing leads causing trip hazards or overloaded sockets. Our floor box relocation service provides new data cable and electrical cabling to floor boxes. In addition moving floor boxes and replacing floor carpet tiling and cutting to fit.

Crate Relocation

When your employees move within your offices, your crates can be relocated by our team of porters. Furthermore these can be undertaken out of hours. Thus minimising disruption to your operations.

Desk Moves

As a total solution to Office and IT Moves we can also provide desk and furniture moves at the same time as moving the data cabling and IT equipment. In addition we can work to your schedule – out of hours therefore minimising disruption and have your systems up and running for start of business.

Power over Ethernet

As your network expands to include more nodes and user devices, creating separate power and data solutions becomes an expensive task. Therefore we can offer passive power over Ethernet (PoE) patch solutions as part of a cost effective solution for distributing power to where it is needed throughout the home, office, campus or other locations.

Multi Site Office Moves

The majority of Office moves adds and changes are in house. However we also provide the solution for moving your furniture and IT systems from one site to another. Options include a flash cut. Likewise a one off move or a phased move over many stages. Storage for all your office equipment and furniture during the moves adds and changes can be also be provided.

Data Cable Removal and Disposal

When you vacate your office there is usually a requirement to return the space as it was. We can remove and document old data cabling systems whether they are old technology or redundant network cabling.

IT Cabinet Organisation

For IT data cabinets that have become congested and cramped with multiple patch leads and equipment, we can also provide colour coded cut to length patch leads and reorganise equipment to provide greater space and traceable patching. We also offer cable tidying services, if your data cabinets are looking more like spaghetti than an organised network then give us a call. Read more about ‘Tidying Data Cabinets’.

Meeting Room Organisation 

Meeting tables and desks often suffer from a tangle of cabling for data and power below the work area. We can cut all cabling to length and route data cabling and electrical cabling therefore providing a neat, inconspicuous cabling system out of reach and damage.

AV installation Moves

A large part of the modern office is its existing AV Installation. Therefore during your moves adds and changes we can remove and re-install your existing AV installation.

Office Moves and IT Moves – Out of Hours

We undertake our office moves after hours and at weekends so as to minimise disruption. This allows for desks, computers, data and power outlets to be moved yet being fully operational the start of the next working day.

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