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Access Control Systems


An access control system is a security mechanism used to regulate who can access specific physical or digital resources, areas, or information within an organisation or system, the

primary purpose is to ensure that only authorised individuals or entities are granted access while denying entry to unauthorised users.

Access control systems are commonly used in various environments, including buildings, offices, factories, data centres, and more.

Access control systems are essential for maintaining the security of buildings, door entry and ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter secure areas.

They play a crucial role in safeguarding against unauthorised access, data breaches, and security threats.

We provide cabling and hardware installation services for all aspects of security and access control systems, including door access control and gate security.


We specialise in the following Access Control Systems


Keyless Access Control

Keyless Entry Systems for Business

Access Control Systems

Building Access Control

Door Access Control


Access control installation


Access control installation - the process of setting up and configuring an access control system to regulate entry to physical or digital spaces effectively. It involves the deployment of various components, including access control readers, credentials, control panels, and associated software.

The installation process typically begins with a thorough assessment of the security requirements and the identification of access points that need control. Installers then position and connect access control readers or devices at these access points. The access control software is configured to define user permissions, authentication methods, and access policies. Credentials are assigned to authorised personnel.

Access Control Testing

We carry out extensive testing and troubleshooting to ensure the system functions correctly, and any issues are resolved before going live. Once installed, the access control system enhances security, minimises unauthorised access, and crucially, provides an audit trail for monitoring and managing access activities.

A professionally installed access control system is a vital addition to the overall security of an organisation or facility.

Our engineers are fully trained and experienced for the latest systems, and we offer fully installed and tested cabling systems for camera and access control and also upgrades to existing systems..

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