IT Electrical Installations


IT Cabling for Office Electrical Installations typically require 4-6 power outlets for each double data outlet. Side by side electrical socket installations provide ample sockets to enable equipment to be positioned and used from the day of installation. IT Electrical installation can include floor boxes, power poles, dado trunking and ceilings mounted if required.

Floor Box Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations London - Floor Box Electrical Installations ElectrakFor false floor electrical installations we can install electrak style systems in addition to data installations to provide a total solution to the clients IT and office needs. Our floor box installations allow for future moves and changes making it possible for units and desks be moved at a later date with the appropriate cable slack and routings.

Communication Rooms Electrical Installations
Our communication room installation experience allows us to install power systems for  servers, stations, air conditioning, UPS Systems and Generators. Systems can be split onto separate critical areas for added security or  as per the client’s requirements.

Back up Power – UPS Installations

We install UPS systems for backup power safety of your IT servers to run critical systems during a blackout or power surge. UPS systems can be from a small computer unit to large scale communication rooms.Electrical Installations - IT Electrical Installation London Data Cabling

Generator Installations
To provide additional safety backup on your IT systems, we can install an off-site generator to run your IT equipment during power outage with managed support to ensure the constant running of the generator no matter how long the outage.

Office Lighting and Testing

We install lighting systems for computer rooms and office spaces to adapt to your working space needs. Work station office lighting installations are able to be automated to switch on by motion, time of day, or by individual staff.

PAT Testing

For safety requirements you should be PAT testing your equipment and leads periodically. We offer a complete PAT testing service to ensure your equipment is PAT test compliant  and safe.

IT Electrical Installation survey

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