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Structured cabling for all technologies

NM Cabling offers a comprehensive one-stop data cable installation solution. We have over 20 years of experience in various structured cabling installations and a wide range of industry sectors. Our services include initial planning and design, implementation, and testing. We can help you with the planning, installation and maintenance of your data cabling infrastructure. We are experts in providing solutions for voice, data, video and fiber optic cabling, ensuring that your business stays connected and your data remains secure. Trust us to provide you with the best solution for your business needs


Data Cable Installation Solutions


Structured Cabling & Networking Cabling Installation

Data cable installations London, surrounding areas and UK Nationwide. Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Ca7, Cat8 & 10Gb structured data cabling and network cabling. Furthermore for commercial, education, government and manufacturing industries.

We have a range of experienced engineers and data cablers to undertake a full range of data cabling installations and all come with full test results and the option of a 20+ year manufacturers warranty.

Generally we undertake free surveys and aim to survey within 48 hours of your call and return a quotation is the same timescale

Cabling Installation for Data Centres

Structured Cabling Installation for Data Centres – In addition to commercial data cabling requirements now extend extensively to Data Centres.

Furthermore these environments require high end, high speed data centre cabling and equipment. Generally these are also high density for both for copper cabling, fibre optic cabling and containment.

As data centres are particularly sensitive to access and downtime, pre-terminated fibre optic cabling and structured cabling are commonly used. Specifically to minimise cabinet shutdowns

We have experience in working in numerous data centre environments including Equinix, Virtus and Digital Reality.

Voice and Data Cabling Installation

As telephone cabling has moved away from analogue to digital and then IP based based so has the network cabling requirements.

Generally the majority of new telephone systems are now VoIP. VoIP is using network cabling for transmission of telephone calls over your internet

Therefore, a minimum of Cat5e cabling is required with many commercial data cabling projects specifying a minimum of Cat6 or Cat6a. In this instance the full test results we present upon completion will give piece of mind that your VoIP system will run at its premium performance

Data Cabling Installation and Wireless Installation

Consequently as Wi-Fi requirements have grown so have the requirements for the networking cabling that connects them. In addition as unit now are able to transmit as 10 gigabit speeds legacy cabling network installations are not suitable for this new technology. Therefore for any cabling installation over 55m it must be in a minimum of Cat6a. Furthermore Cat6a cabling is recommend for any installation requiring a 10 gigabit link regardless of distance. Finally many Wi-Fi systems now require a dual data cable installation  which exceed most legacy single links

Audio Visual Data Cable Installation

Audio Visual cabling has evolved due to transmission requirements and higher specification for displays. In the same way Wi-Fi has moved past legacy cabling so has AV Installation cabling. Cat6a is generally again the minimum specification for audio visual installations and a large majority of commercial network cabling is not suitable. Audio visual cabling and hardware can be utilised in the following areas

  • Video Conferencing
  • Televisions, Screens and Display Signage
  • Audio and PA systems
  • Room Booking Systems

CCTV Data Cabling Installation

The majority of CCTV installation projects are now generally IP cameras. Therefore these cameras have to run over a professionally installed cabling network. Furthermore as the camera takes both the power and data signal from the same single Ethernet cable it must be installed to standard and fully tested. Hence a poorly installed structured cabling system will result in a poor CCTV installation. Especially if the power and data signal both suffer due to poor installation

25 Year Warranty on Data Cable Installation Projects

We offer 25 year manufacturers warranties on all our structured cabling services installations based on our partner training and qualifications certified by comprehensive cable test results.

Structured Cabling Testing and Fault Finding

Complete data system audits for clients to ensure that their data cabling is running at its optimum performance. We can test and document the current data cable system and also fault find broken or redundant outlets. Therefore we use the latest Fluke testing equipment for certifying all elements of networking cabling

Warehouse Cabling Installations including High Level and Scissor Lift Installations

Our IPAF accredited cabling engineers and high level data cabling installation experience enables us to install data and network cable systems at high level in factory  and warehouse environments. Furthermore this allows us to install externally along and over high level buildings.

Free Surveys and Quotations

All data cabling and wiring quotations are undertaken free of charge and without commitment. Furthermore a detailed comprehensive quotation is provided with no hidden charges. Finally a  full cabling system installation plan and specification is also provided on request.

Out of Hours Cable Installation

In summary our cabling surveys and data cable installations can be undertaken any day of the week and at any time of day to suit the clients needs and to minimise disruption and down times

What is Data Cabling ?

Data cables are a crucial part of any IT infrastructure. Without data cables you would be unable to transmit data between two points e.g. from a server to an individual PC. Accordingly, you need the right data cables for your specific needs to remain productive. Read more….

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Network Cabling Installation Services

Are you looking for data cable installation near you? Look no further than NM Cabling Solutions. We offer a wide range of services when it comes to data cable installation and network cabling, from fiber optic cable repair to voice and data cables. Our team of experts have the experience and skillset necessary to provide your organization with a high-quality network system. Not only that, but we treat our customers as partners, providing exceptional customer service and delivering solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your facility. Let us take care of your data cable installation today.

NM Cabling cover a range of Ethernet cable installation services UK wide, Midlands South East, South West and London

Contact NM Cabling  for a free Data cabling review or survey  01923 888588

Additional Information

Finding the Right Company for Data Cable Installation Near You

Are you looking for data cable installation services? Use our guide to find the best location near you and learn about crucial criteria like pricing and reputation of installers.

Research Different Installers in Your Area.

The first step in finding the right data cable installation is to research different installers in your area. Make sure to read reviews and get a sense of the prices they offer. You should also make sure they have proper certifications and experience with installing data cables, as this is an important factor for ensuring quality results. Compare the different data cabling service options you find and pick the one that best fits your budget and requirements.

Compare Prices, Experience and Services Offered.

As part of your process of finding the right data cabling installation services, compare different structured cabling installers on factors such as pricing, experience and the services they offer. Not all companies will offer the same prices or the same level of expertise; make sure to research each one thoroughly before making a decision. Additionally, check to see what kind of customer service they provide if something goes wrong with the installation.

Check the Reputation of Cable Installers Near You.

Once you have found a few potential cable installers near you, it is important to check their reputation before settling on one. As for references as to others experiences with installations, and look for any customer reviews that might be posted online. Any feedback from existing customers can provide valuable insight into the quality of the service provided by different installers. Dig into all available information in order to make sure that you find an installer with a good reputation and a positive track record.

Understand Data Cable and Its Uses.

It is important to understand the basics of data cables and how they are used in order to ensure that you receive the best quality service. Data cables are often used to connect various electronic devices and transmit information between them. Common uses for data cables include connecting computers, phones, Wifi and security systems . Different types of cable installers specialise in different types of data cable installations and applications, so it’s important to do your research first before settling on any one choice.

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