Passive Optical Network (PON) Installation

Passive Optical Networks (PON)

Passive Optical Network (PON)

Passive Optical Network (PON) is a telecom technology for fibre-based access networking architecture intended for both residential (FTTx) and business situations (POL).

A PON network is composed of an optical line terminal (OLT) at the service provider’s base (hub) and various of optical network units (ONUs) or optical network terminals (ONTs), at the end users. A PON reduces the amount of fibre and central equipment required compared with point-to-point architectures.


PON networks benefits compared to a traditional LAN installation:

Space Saving Easy Network Management
Energy Efficient Longer Distances
Increased Security True Roadmap
Increased Bandwidth Superior Performance

Once the fibre optic cabling has terminated within a comms cabinet in the location, the various options of structured cabling can be installed such as coaxial cables, Audio Visual Cables and IT cabling

Multi Dwelling Unit Passive Optical Network

A design and implementation system where a multi dwelling building (i.e an apartment block) is served by an incoming fibre optic cable which is then distributed via a passive optical splitter to each dwelling containing its own dedicated cabinet and Fibre to the Home (FTTH) receiver

The cabinet then distributes the copper data cabling throughout the individual dwellings

NM Cabling are able to create a passive optical network design and locate and install the relevant passive optical components to suit each dwelling and the building as a whole


Single Dwelling Unit Passive Optical Network


In a single dwelling unit the individual property acts the same as a single dwelling in an apartment block would do.

The incoming fibre is terminated inside a dedicated communications cabinet within the house and then the structured cabling distributed throughout

On a campus environment each house can be served by the PON fibre cabling with the passive optical network splitter beings placed in satellite locations within the campus to serve different buildings


Commercial Passive Optical Networks

Similar to a multi dwelling unit design in a commercial environment the passive optical network splitter would reside in the main communications room and distributed to satellite cabinets on other floor and parts of the building where they would serve their own dedicated cabinets for those areas

With the simple addition of additional passive optical network components additional cabinets can service dedicated areas of the commercial space making localised copper cabling easier to install for initial IT cabling installation and future cabling additions and changes


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