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Structured cabling survey

The majority of our structured cabling survey projects, probably 98-99% of them are undertaken free of charge.

Indeed the only time when there is a cost associated with a survey is when there is an element of design in that survey. Furthermore if there is significant travel involved in undertaking that survey. an example would be international travel

An example would be a client of ours requesting a survey in London would be a free of charge survey. However a survey for their new office in Glasgow would probably incur a cost to cover expenses and travel.

Another time would be when rather than a survey a prospect would require considerable time on the project to not only survey but also design and suggest solutions for an unknown quotation specification. This would then be classed as design rather than a survey.

How long does a structured cabling survey take?

Every project and survey is unique but an estimate of time is usually anywhere between 15-45 minutes for a survey and any other time on top if required for discussing proposals. The larger the project the longer the survey time to allow for inspecting all areas and gaining access

How long do I need to wait for a survey?

We aim to attend a survey within 48 business hours from time of enquiry and return a quotation within 48 hours of attending a survey meeting. This can change depending on location, access restrictions and the amount of proposal work required to return the quotation. This however is what we aim to achieve in most cases

What is involved with a structured cabling survey and what should you expect

The main parts of an on-site survey are

  • Discussions and communication of requirements by the client
  • Walk through of location to visualise the requirements
  • Analysis of drawings
  • Queries and confirmation of requirements upon visual survey

The more information that can be provided in advance the more effective the survey can be. This allows our project team to already pre construction questions before attending the location

Drawings with marked up data cabling outlets are the most effective part of the survey process and allow for not only helping visualise the project but allowing for note taking and construction of a later project plan and specification for the installation engineers

Drawings are not always readily available. However these can either be a

  • previous PDF floor plan,
  • a copy of the fire escape plan which is mounted by the fire exit
  • a simply hand drawn aerial layout.

In the absence of any of these our project team can draw these at the time of the meeting during the walk through phase

When will I receive a quotation?

The majority of our quotations are returned within 48 hours of the survey. In some cases this is even earlier and can be turned around the same day. We do this if the client requires an urgent turnaround.

Some projects are more involved in the creation of the quotation. Therefore additional time to collate the equipment and specification pricing might occur. In addition there may be  many areas to analyse and quote for.

In cases where there will be an extended delay in returning your quotation you will be informed of the expected return date

What happens when I accept a quotation?

When the quotation is accepted a dedicated project manager is assigned to your projects. In the majority of cases will be the same person who undertook the survey. This allows for a consistency of delivery

We aim to start any works within 7 days of quotation acceptance which again is based on project requirements and restrictions. However the majority of projects are started within the time window if requested

The project team will book in the data cabling engineers and arrange for all elements of the project. Those elements of the project will then be confirmed to you to ensure that the requirements haven’t changed and that everybody is working to the same expectations

Once the project is started and ongoing the same project manager will be the point of contact. Thus ensuring that the project runs smoothly. Furthermore this allows to arrange any changes or amendments throughout the project

Do you offer off site virtual surveys?

Some projects are suitable and even necessary for a virtual or pre project off site or virtual survey. The following examples are some of the reasons we have had to undertake virtual and off site surveys

  • For projects where the client hasn’t yet taken residence of the building but require quotations prior to moving in
  • A large number of quotations during the Covid-19 pandemic where office buildings where empty but quotations were still required
  • National roll our projects where surveys for every location prior to the quotation phase was not possible
  • For projects that required a very quick quotation turn around and the client couldn’t attend site in time

What do I need for a virtual or off site survey?

Many of the elements required for an offsite survey are the same as an on-site survey. The more information you have results in the best possible and accurate quotation.

However as the visual elements of an on-site survey is lost the following additional elements greatly assist in preparing a virtual quotation

  • Photos of the location
  • The routes involved from cabinet to location
  • Photos showing if false ceilings or false floors are present
  • Photos of existing containment such as Dado trunking
  • Existing data cabinet photos
  • An external photo of the building to gauge access and deliveries
  • Videos showing similar elements of the photos as above
  • Specifications of any existing containment or floor boxes
  • These vary by manufacturer so specification sheets help attain pricing

In many of the cases where we undertake virtual surveys. For peace of mind for both parties after acceptance of a quotation a later on site survey before starting the project is undertaken to confirm requirements and ensure the client is happy that every has been covered

For on-site or off site data cabling surveys please contact

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