Service and Maintenance

Structured Cabling Testing – what you should insist on

Why you should insist on Structured Cabling Testing and what you should insist on How do you test a data cable? A data cable can be tested in a variety of ways. However with structured cabling testing there are certain standards and reports that should be insisted. Otherwise you will not know that the data

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Pitfalls of a messy Communications Room Cabinet

Communications Room Data Cabinet   A comms room cabinet, such as the above, is a regular sight we come across in the data cabling world. Quickly patching in that new network port with whatever colour, length or quality of patch cable to hand is certainly quick. However is it a recipe for disaster to your

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Fixed testing in the Workplace

Fixed Electrical testing in the Workplace – EICR Checking the condition of your electrical systems on a regular basis is vital for detecting and preventing potential hazards. Fixed testing is a major part of this Fixed testing, also known as Electrical Installation Condition Reporting or periodic inspection, is a systematic test of all of the

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