Client: Schaltbau  | Sector: Warehouse |  Duration: 2 Months

Schaltbau is a electromechanical components and systems producer for transport and industrial applications. For their new offices they required a full Cat7 cabling installation

The new office and warehouse unit based in Rooksley, Milton Keynes. The project was designed with a high specification structured cabling system. Furthermore this employed Cat7a throughout and Om4 fibre cabling links between server and main data cabling cabinets

Together with the high data cabling installation and termination requirements of Cat7a cabling, specific care was taken in the design, installation and positioning of the data cabling outlets

Cat7 Data Cabling

The Cat7a data cabling would be employed for the Telephone Systems, IT Systems, WIFI and DECT Phone base stations. In addition spare cables were installed for future applications

Since the property was part office and part warehouse space, various different data cabling was required to be installed. This was from access towers and electric scissor lifts at 8m working heights. In addition this would be required for running the data cabling to the WIFI and DECT access points

Furthermore the office space was only aesthetically refurbished so part of the data cabling design for NM Cabling was how to incorporate the containment for running and terminating the structured cabling

Lastly a range of dado and maxi trunking was employed for this purpose

The installation of bespoke containment and shrewd design allowed the cabling to maintain its bend radius and allow for correct termination at the user end. To this end Cat7 has a thicker and more solid cable type and its containment required is for a larger more rounded trunking

Cat7 Cabling Challenges

Accordingly one the challenges with higher grade cabling installations is the correct containment. In addition pre-designed routes were required and allowances made to overcome challenges on this project

Upon completion of the data cabling installation and termination the testing was undertaken. This was with a specific Cat7 cabling tester. Lastly the unique element of this project and any Cat7 cabling project


Schaltbau structured cabling  Cat7a and Om4 fibre cabling links -See the full Case Study