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Sonos tips to help you set up your Sonos system.

How to set up your Sonos music system.

The attraction of a Sonos system within your commercial or residential building is its ease of use and various options on instillation to suit a new or existing installation environment. Therefore the Sonos tips below will help you make the most of your system

These Sonos tips will tweak your system to work even better and more efficiently

1.    Music Servers –

Adding your music servicesWin this Sonos Play 3 + Bridge Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play and many others are possible to link to your Sonos system and stream directly through your Sonos standalone speakers and amps.

Select “Settings”

“My Music Services”

“Add Another Account”

“Choose Music Service and sign in with log in details”

2.    Playlists –

Sonos tips for Creating a new playlist

Creating a playlist within Sonos allows you to save various songs and tracks to a single playlist for later playback

Select “Song or Album”

Click “3 dots to right of Song / album”

“Add to Sonos Playlist”

Click “3 dots in top right hand corner of screen”

“New Playlist”

3.    Playlist from Various Sources

Create a collated playlist from various music services. Choose music within your favoured music service and add song to a chosen Sonos playlist that can then be played seamlessly directly from the playlist

4.    Direct Playback from music services

Several music services allow for direct playback to your Sonos system from your music server app. Music services such as Google Play Music and Spotify connect with more being adding constantly

sonos5.    Play music directly from your own device

As well as playing music from streaming services you can play directly from your own devices.

Select “Room”

Select “Browse”

“On This Mobile Device”

Choose album / artists / songs etc

6.    Sleep function / Fall asleep to music

Sonos has the capability to set a sleep timer that automatically turns off your Sonos system after a set time as a sleep function or automatic shut off

Select “Room”

Click “3 dots to right of track listing”

Click “Sleep Timer”

7.    Wake Up Alarm

Opposite to the sleep function your Sonos system will also wake you up at a set time and to a set music.

Select “ More”

Choose “Alarms”

Select “Time / Room / Frequency / Volume”

Choose “Music”

Select “Radio / Playlists / Music Service / Chime”

8.    Sonos White Light On / Off

The Sonos light on a connect or play unit can be very distracting is within a sleep area such a bedroom. The light is manageable to turn on or off

Select “ Settings”

Choose “Room Settings”

Select “Room”

Check / Unchecked “Speaker Status Light”

9.    Fine Tune Sound

Each Sonos unit has the ability to fine tune the Loudness, Treble and Bass

Select “ Settings”

Choose “Room Settings”

Select “Room”

Select “EQ”

“Adjust Treble / Bass / Loudness”

10.    Crossfade

This function allows for a smooth transitions between your playlist / song queue

Select “now playing song”

Click “3 dots to right of song listing”

Toggle “Crossfade on / off”

11.    Shuffle / Repeat

These functions allow you to shuffle or repeat the songs in your current music queue

Select “now playing song”

Click “Lines” to right of volume selector

Select  in top right of screen

Click to Shuffle all songs in queue

Click to repeat song list – can click again to only repeat once


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