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Home AV Installation – Cabling

With home AV installation, many times the question is “To See or Not to See”

With this purpose in mind the advice below will assist in your AV installation

Home Audio Visual Installations

Home AV Installation

Is it a Mirror? Is it a TV? Or is it Both?

Firstly on every Home AV Installation you have the decision to make of how much equipment do I have and where to have your equipment. Secondly how much space do i have?

Equipment such as Sky Boxes, DVD Players, Speakers ,Amplifiers, Music Servers, Movie Servers, and a whole lot more.

The standard method is a Television in each room with a Sky box and DVD linked directly to the television. On a stand this looks fine but with hanging a flat screen TV do you still have an unsightly furniture piece under it? Accordingly this will take away the effect of the flat screen. If there is to be no furniture where does all the equipment go? For instance what if you have more than 3 televisions and Sky will only give you 3 boxes? Another consideration is do your rooms need to share central content

Then to speakers, do you have visible round speakers in your ceiling messing with your lighting design. Furthermore do you have speakers on your wall, do you like the sight of them visible or not? With attention to detail an aesthetically pleasing solution can be found

Some clever solutions we utilise to hide your AV equipment with great effect.

How to install data cabling for Home audio visual systems

The Room with hi-end audio system

Picture Frame Televisions

Mirror TV installation – Is it a Television, a mirror, a family picture frame, an Aquarium? The choice is yours


 Data cabling, hide your home av installation IT cabling Stealth Speakers

These speakers install flush with your walls.They are then painted with the wall so they disappear


 AV-Equipment Central Control system

Put all your Sky boxes, DVD players, Music and Movie servers all in a central location and cable to each location. All your equipment fully hidden, useable by all locations and fully functional

Similarly when it comes to control. Do you have a separate control for everything you own or do you combine them? In addition can you control your house from one place or must you have separate control for each area.

In conclusion for every home AV installation there is a large range of choices for equipment. Additionally there are many ways  to connect the systems together. Therefore the correct design and planning make all the difference

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Cabling Solutions for AV Equipment

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