Moving Office in London?

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Moving Offices The London commercial property market presents a wealth of options for companies that require space to expand. This results in inevitable office moves and changes. Whatever the specific requirements for your office move, between the City, Canary Wharf and London’s many other regions, you are sure to find somewhere that meets your needs…. Read more »

Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing

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The Wireless Networking & mobile computing market has exploded in recent years. Improvements in technology and corresponding decreases in price have made it possible for almost everyone to have a mobile device. Wireless Networking is at the heart of mobile computing, both at home and in the workplace. Wi-Fi in the workplace has many advantages… Read more »

Structured Cabling

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Companies are increasingly looking to technology to differentiate from their competitors. Communication with customers, whether by email, social media, or traditional voice channels offers a real opportunity to boost competitive advantage. As such, companies are investing in Structured Cabling to ensure that their networks can stand up to the demands of their user base and… Read more »

Simplifying the Selection of Optical Multi-Mode Fibre

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The volume of data passing over corporate networks has increased at a staggering rate over recent years. Technology has become a vital part of everyday business life and investment in these systems has therefore also grown at a similar pace. Developments in technology such as desktop virtualization and unified communication tools have placed further strain… Read more »

12 years old and 12 things we have learnt

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March 2014 saw the 12th year since NM Cabling began. This leads us to contemplate the 12 things we have learnt that must be considered for a professional data cabling project completion 1. Always use an expert in the field. Your expensive and critical IT, Telephone and CCTV systems are dependent on the cabling they… Read more »

Data Cabling – Hiding your AV Equipment

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IT Cabling – Residential Audio Visual Installations “To See or Not to See” Is it a Mirror? Is it a TV? Is it Both?   On every Residential AV Installation you have the decision to make of how much equipment do I have and where to have your equipment.   Equipment such as Sky Boxes,… Read more »

Questions to ask of your data cabling installer. No:1

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    Is your cable installer an expert in the industry?   Data Cabling and AV Cable  installation is a specialist service with regulations and accreditations gained through training courses to fully meet manufacturer’s requirements.   Without these can your company be sure that the system being installed at your offices is safe, capable of… Read more »