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Data Cabling 12 years

March 2014 saw the 12th year since NM Cabling began. This leads us to contemplate the 12 things we have learnt that must be considered for a professional data cabling project completion. In essence , data cabling what is it?

1. Always use an expert in the field. Your expensive and critical IT, Telephone and CCTV systems are dependent on the cabling they run over. Why use someone who isn’t qualified and an expert in the field to expose your systems?

2. Are the engineers undertaking the work qualified in the industry. Qualifications from BICSI, BTEC and City and Guilds are standard

3. Always plan ahead. Installing enough data cabling for the present might be ok but with evolving technologies and growing staff are you covered for the future. Will it be expensive to install additional computer cabling at a later date?

4. Are you receiving test results for your IT cabling installations? Without these how do you know the system is installed correctly? By the time you find out it might be too late

5. Are you able to receive a 25 year warranty on your data cabling installations? Installers should be able to offer a 25 year data cabling warranty on your installation for the materials installed.

6. Is the IT cabling system being installed of a professional nature. With an increase in cheaper materials in the industry, check that the system being installed for you is from a professional brand with good support and documentation

7. Is the company you are using sufficiently Insured and are they insured for the activities they are carrying out. Some hardware providers aren’t covered for drilling for example so any damage resulting from this will leave you exposed

8. Are you receiving health and safety plans for your installations. If building works, drilling, high level access is involved then do you know how its going to be done in a safe way

9. Are you paying a premium for out of hours working? In most cases more work can be completed out of hours than during hours so a premium shouldn’t be paid in all case

10. Make sure the system is labelled and drawings documented after installation to help future changes more efficient

11. Are your quotes like for like? Too many times we have seen a cheaper solution missing essential elements for the installation which are then added back in at a premium rate later in the project

12. Are time-scales manageable. Especially on cutting over from an old system to a new system trying to do too much in one downtime can leave you exposed if their is no margin for delays

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