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How can I make my office relocation easier?

The London commercial property market presents a wealth of options for companies that require space to expand. This results in moving offices and inevitable office moves and changes. Whatever the specific requirements for your office move, between the City, Canary Wharf and London’s many other regions, you are sure to find somewhere that meets your needs.

While finding an office might not be overly difficult, the actual IT move can be a daunting, complicated task that needs to be done right. Luckily, there are office movers throughout London experienced in relocating offices. Working with experienced office movers that have the skills and depth of knowledge required for a seamless move can significantly reduce the hassle.

How do you plan an office relocation?

Office Moves and Changes – The Challenges

Whether you are moving offices to a new location or reorganizing an existing office space, you will likely face many challenges. With this in mind, these challenges could include:

Office Re-locations

  • Reduce downtime. – Every hour and every day that computer systems aren’t working costs money. Therefore it is vital to get everything back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Minimising disruption to employees. – Change is rarely easy for everyone to adjust to. Furthermore morale, and ultimately revenue, will suffer if employees are in a new or reorganized location and not all of their systems are working.
  • Optimising office floor box relocation. – This is especially important if you are reorganizing your current space. Once the office move is complete not all desks may be near data cabling access points. This will result in the need to tear up or relocate floor boxes, carpeting, and possibly walls. Plan all the moves ahead of time to determine the proper placement of office floor boxes, which will also minimize disruptions and save money.

Data Cabling Moves & Changes

  • Install or relocate data cabling correctly. – It is important your data cabling is properly located and installed. This is true for meeting rooms, office spaces, communications closets, and other locations throughout your premises. Poor data cabling installation might result in untidy cabling throughout the building. This results in inefficient operations and giving your customers the impression you are not organized.
  • The clean up.  If you are relocating to a new building it is likely that you have to return your current space to its original configuration. This means cleaning out all data cabling and network management infrastructure and removing everything not included with the original building.

Upgrade Current Infrastructure
Of course, you may not need to relocate to a different building or office space. If this is the case, you may wish to consider upgrading or reengineering your current IT layout and network management. Money you would have spent on a new building or office can be used to purchase upgraded IT, underlying infrastructure, and the equipment used for network management.

This is a great opportunity to gain efficiencies and increase productivity by investing in your company’s IT infrastructure and network management equipment. In addition you will also see other benefits such as increased morale, reduced power consumption, and more efficient use of resources.

Company Growth = Physical Expansion
When you are undertaking moving offices or reorganisation, you need to create an environment that will stimulate further business growth. Although this can be a challenging time, it also presents an excellent opportunity. This is a time to address known issues with your IT, data cabling, and network management equipment.

You can use moving offices as a catalyst for broader business transformation. In building an IT solution that matches your company’s growth aspirations and enables the company to continue prospering.

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