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The Wireless Networking & mobile computing market has exploded in recent years. Improvements in technology and corresponding decreases in price have made it possible for almost everyone to have a mobile device. Wireless Networking is at the heart of mobile computing. Both at home and in the workplace.

Wi-Fi in the workplace

  • A wireless (Wi-Fi) network allows companies to move employees and change office layouts quickly with minimal new or additional network installations. This is especially beneficial in environments were physical constraints increase the complexity and cost of installing or relocating cable.
  • Businesses can also introduce practices such as hot desks, where employees are not tied to a particular desk and are free to work anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Flexible work schedules or telecommuting also increase productivity and decrease the cost of utilities. These policies, which are made available by wireless networks, not only save costs but are also very popular with employees.
  • With the rise of the Internet of Things, a reliable wireless network will allow companies to sync a plethora of connected devices. These include security access systems, cameras and environmental sensors.
  • Another development that decreases costs is Voice over Wi-Fi telephony. This allows employees and consumers to use a telephone over a wireless network. Thus eliminating the need for costly land lines and the structured cabling required for their use.

Reliability and reputation

Businesses must ensure their wireless networks have a high level of availability and reliability. If employees depend on wireless networking to accomplish their daily tasks, the network must be reliable and fully operational.

Availability is even more important if a company offers Wi-Fi to the public or its customers. If the Wi-Fi network isn’t available, reputation and profit will be impacted.

The wireless network’s performance is highly dependent on the quality of the underlying infrastructure, including data cabling and network equipment. This infrastructure is the link between wireless access points and the internet, and therefore requires sufficient focus and investment to ensure that it operates at the performance level required.

Fortunately, the industry has responded to the growth in mobile computing by developing and producing reliable and inexpensive equipment for wireless access points and wireless LANs (Local Area Networks).

Finally, businesses must also conduct a thorough examination of their critical processes and systems. In some instances, a wired network may be most suited. Although fixed network cabling and connections can be more costly to install and maintain, such a system may be necessary for a company’s most vital systems.

Mobile Computing

Mobile computing will continue to grow exponentially, dominating the consumer and business marketplace. Investing in wireless infrastructure and implementing policies that complement mobile computing are smart business practices. In today’s environment, businesses must recognize the importance of mobility and wireless networks or risk losing market share to a competitor that has already embraced and implemented these technologies.

Wi-Fi Installation Engineers

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