wireless network

Wireless Network Installations

WiFi network installations Regardless of your Wi-Fi requirements. Our team are able to offer wireless network installations with the most reliable technology and manufacturer level support. Additionally, our team can offer advice on all the latest industry solutions. Wireless network installations we offer provide our clients with: An improved network infrastructure A network for the

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Large Area WiFi

  Wi-Fi Solutions for Large Buildings Wi-Fi is a crucial element in any building where there are people, be it a domestic or a corporate setting. But, when you’re dealing with Large Area Wi-Fi, your needs to be more advanced than just having a router. Wi-Fi technology has certain limitations associated with it, so it’s

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Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing

The Wireless Networking & mobile computing market has exploded in recent years. Improvements in technology and corresponding decreases in price have made it possible for almost everyone to have a mobile device. Wireless Networking is at the heart of mobile computing. Both at home and in the workplace. Wi-Fi in the workplace has many advantages

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