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Is your networking cabling company an expert in the industry?

What is data cabling or structured cabling?

Structured cabling is undertaken by a networking cabling company and includes the design, installation, and testing of a cabling system. These systems meet certain standards and guidelines. Therefore the cabling installed today will be suitable for purpose for many future technology requirements

In addition data cabling or structured cabling installation is a specialist service with regulations and accreditation’s. These are gained through training courses to fully meet manufacturer’s requirements.

To offer warranties of 20-25 years on manufacturer approval the data cabling or fibre optic cabling is required to be installed with consistent components.  Furthermore these must meet a high standard of quality.  In addition they need to be installed to certain standards and it has to be tested to check all elements of the cabling link is installed correctly

Therefore without these can your company be sure that the system being installed at your offices is safe, capable of running your technology, computers and telephones correctly and without data loss and interference.

Making sure the company you use is an expert in the field and not just an additional add on service to their main works will provide you with the desired results.

Key Questions to ensure your installer is an Expert

  • Check that the data cabling manufacturer being installed is an industry known brand. Ask for an approved installer certificate
  • Will your data cabling system be correctly labelled and documented?
  • Check your data cabling will be done by fully trained engineers?
  • Will your data cabling be fully tested with a cable certification tool such as a Fluke DSX and results provided for every link installed? Ask for previous examples of test results
  • Will your data cabling be fully warranted by the manufacturer if required?