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SONOS Installation

Once again I found myself waking up to the baby monitor of our 3 year old at 5am on a Sunday morning. Furthermore she was murmuring about how she wanted to get up. Therefore our SONOS installation was to come into its own

In the past this would of involved walking upstairs to turn on her baby monitor or music. In addition hoping it would settle her before she saw Daddy in the room.

However now armed with a Sonos Systems and speakers in her bedroom ceiling a quick flick of the phone was all that was needed. Therefore choosing the SONOS app and putting on Baby Mozart music and she was settled back in and slept through to 8am.

The great thing about Sonos is from one App you can choose any room in the house. Furthermore each of those rooms may have any music with its own volume. In addition kids can listen to music to go bed with a shut off timer, unlimited radio stations can be streamed from all over the world and music services such as spotify – stream seamlessly throughout your system.

The units can be built into the fabric of your house if refurbing or new builds. Furthermore as standalone units placed on sideboards or units. All connected and working as a single music system.

Sonos Installation requirements

How flexible is your music system and is it time for an upgrade?

To get started all you need is a internet connection / WIFI and a Sonos Player. Whether it be a Play 1/3/5 or a Sonos Connect to your existing AV amplifier, or Sonos Connect AMP with dedicated speakers.

There’s also an option for a SONOS Soundbar for cinema style sound from your existing TV.

For SONOS installation and total audio visual installation surveys and advice please contacts sales on [email protected] or call 01923 888588

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