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A guide to home AV cabling

Most of us use AV cables daily. However, if someone asked us to hand them the AV cable, we wouldn’t know what they’re referring to. AV stands for Audio Visual. AV cables come in different shapes and sizes, the most common being the HDMI cable. Prior to the development of the HMDI cables such as

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Data Cabling for your home – 11 Things to consider

Data Cabling – 11 Things to Consider When Tackling Data Cabling for Home Installing data cabling for home is a more involved task than it would be in an office environment. The schedule drags over a much longer period and it’s hard to know in advance what you want to install and by the time

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SONOS – The saviour of early waking toddlers

SONOS Installation Once again I found myself waking up to the baby monitor of our 3 year old at 5am on a Sunday morning. Furthermore she was murmuring about how she wanted to get up. Therefore our SONOS installation was to come into its own In the past this would of involved walking upstairs to

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