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The Most Exciting Audio Visual Trends in AV Installations

Audio Visual Trends 2019Technology advances at a rapid pace; what can be seen as cutting edge one day can soon be made redundant by the latest developments in technology. Audio Visual trends and AV technology is perhaps the best example of this. We’ve come a long way from the unreliable, highly compressed video conferencing software of the early 2000s, but AV technology refuses to rest on its laurels. It’s constantly evolving. And you need to keep pace with it to remain competitive.

When it comes to meetings and conference calls it’s important to be flexible. The developments made in AV technology have made this flexibility more achievable than ever. Smart boardrooms are an exciting prospect, but what are they and what are the trends to look out for?

What are Smart Boardrooms?

The image of a traditional boardroom is one that involves a meeting room packed full of individuals gathered in front of a central presenter. However, with more and more workers taking advantage of technology to work remotely it’s difficult to gather everyone into one location. Smart boardrooms solve this. And all it takes is the press of a button. Through the use of cameras and microphones, any individual can attend a meeting anywhere in the world.

Conference Room Technology Audio Visual Trends

We live in a busy, digital age where time is a valuable currency, but also hard to obtain. Thankfully, due to advancements in tech, it’s possible to make meetings more productive and efficient. This saves you time and allows you to communicate your message. Some of the best ways to achieve this are:

Video Conferencing:

Powerful devices are now available that combine cameras, microphones and speakers all into one product. This foregoes the need for multiple devices and, as most of the hardware is wireless, makes installation much easier. Best of all, the picture and sound quality of these devices is crystal clear.

Interactive Whiteboards:

As long as you have an internet connection you can share your ideas through an interactive whiteboard. These smart boards allow you to remotely use touch (or type) technology to give presentations and highlight key details for any other attendees to the presentation. Individuals, no matter where they are located, can interact with the whiteboard to help facilitate an enhanced conference experience.

Meeting Room Assistants:

Applications such as Alexa for Business give you the opportunity to make your conferences and meetings easier than ever to organize. With an emphasis on flexibility, these meeting room assistants allow you to not only schedule meetings but also connect to other technology in meeting rooms e.g. video conferencing software.

Collaboration Meeting Room:

This application, designed by Cisco, is redefining the meeting room experience. The beauty of Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) is that it allows you to set up a virtual meeting place no matter where you are. This can then be used by attendees with voice and video technology to connect and share content. Available through the majority of smart devices, CMR grants you the opportunity to improve business decisions and enhance business relationships.


Conference Room Technology

By embracing these trends in conference room technology you will soon discover the impact of AV installations on your business. The flexibility on offer and the ability to connect seamlessly with multiple partners is astounding. And it will enhance your business decisions and strategies in ways you didn’t know were possible.

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