Office Data Cabling for the Financial & Legal Sectors

The Financial and legal commercial spaces are a unique proposition for office data cabling. In short due to the specific nature of financial and legal businesses to be operational without interruption and minimal noise during working hours. Furthermore there is an increased requirement for confidentiality.  NM Cabling is highly experienced in managing works out-of-hours to ensure re-establishment of office space to working condition the next day.  In addition we have specialist experience in installations for clients in finance, legal, telecoms and technology sectors. This is particularly in office and data centre applications.

Office data cabling for confidential environments

The financial and legal industry is well known for working within traditional listed buildings. Therefore the cabling installation has very specific rules and routing requirements. Hence these require careful routing, drilling and aesthetic containment. Therefore we utilise discreet floor level trunking and boxes wherever possible to contain data, comms, AV, security and access control cabling. Special consideration is also given to the confidentiality of this industry and the engineering team hold various security clearances with this in mind.

In the same way that every office is unique so is every design for the cabling installation. Thus depending on the cabling choice such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 the design and installation practices will change to suit

Turnkey solutions for the financial and legal sectors

As previously mentioned the environments lead towards greater confidentiality and security. Subsequently we are able to offer a range of services that supplement the commercial network cabling installations. Furthermore having a single project team installing the overall system reduces access to the building. Furthermore it ensures a system that is design to work together with minimal disruption and minimal downtime.

Cabling and Network Services for the Financial Services & Legal Sectors

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As  the leading office data cabling contractor in this field we can offer a full range of technologies to suit your specific requirements and budgets. In addition we will design the most suitable network structure for your location bearing in mind the building constraints and security implications.

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