Client: Rowberry Morris | Sector: Solicitors|  Duration: 1 Month

Rowberry Morris are a solicitors company with several offices based in Reading, Richmond and Tadley. Due to an upgrade to a new VOIP Telephone system in the Reading and Staines offices new Cat5e telephone cabling was required throughout both buildings.

Telephone Cabling

The existing telephone cabling within the offices was of the legacy BT type which wasn’t suitable for VoIP transmission. VoIP telephone cabling requires a data cabling installation for transmission. Furthermore it requires a professional installed and tested data cabling installation. Moreover if the cabling is poorly installed the voice quality is comprised or dropouts regularly occur. Thus new data cabling needs to be installed for VOIP when old legacy cabling is found. This can be data cabling ranging from Cat5e to Cat6a and beyond

Therefore at the two Rowberry Morris offices new Cat5e cabling was required through the offices. However the Cat5e wiring in both buildings were of totally opposite requirements

Reading Office

The Reading office is located in a listed 16th Century House, previously incorporated as a Village Inn

Therefore due to the listed nature the structured cabling installation had very specific rules and requirements with regards to routes, drilling and containment of the telephone cabling

Firstly special considerations were given to the timbers and structure of the building due to their listed nature. Furthermore these timbers couldn’t be drilled or clipped into to maintain the listed nature of these.

Secondly care had to be taken to avoid drilling walls and floors which were also in places listed and restricted

As the photos show the building shows its age and character and everything was done to maintain the aesthetics and credibility of this structure

Staines Office

The Staines office was of a more straight forward data cabling installation.

Firstly it was located in a main row of shops and commercial buildings. Furthermore the building consisted of 3 floors of a modern commercial construction.

Although the upper two floor were solid ceiling and required data cabling trunking to be installed throughout. However the trunking was possible to install and to run the Cat5e cables

Furthermore there was an existing loft which  allowed for easier installation of the telephone cabling on the top floor

Once again all work were undertaken overnight to minimise disruption to the business as it was a fully staffed operational office

Out of Hours Telephone Cabling

Due to the nature of the business all these works were carried out of hours over several weeks of overnight working requiring the data cabling installation and replacement of the office to its working condition for the next day.

Rowberry Morris Reading and Staines Offices Data Cabling Grade 2 Listed Building -See the full Case Study