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increase your Mobile phone signal London
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increase your Mobile phone signal London

How to increase your mobile phone signal?

When it comes to mobile phones, there’s nothing more frustrating than poor signal. Generally speaking, individuals in rural areas or densely built-up areas frequently have poor signal. One of the most common questions we receive is ‘how can you increase your mobile phone signal’? In this article we will discuss the possible solutions for increasing mobile phone signal. To begin with you should try the following suggestions:

  1. Move to a different area within the building, this can sometimes solve the poor signal issue.
  2. Reset your phone by turning it off and on again. At times mobile phones can encounter some issues when searching for a mobile mast. Resetting the phone will allow it to re-establish a connection.
  3. Use Wi-Fi. With apps such as WhatsApp and Skype you’re able to make phone calls by using the Wi-Fi call function.
  4. Change network provider, before switching network provider you should check the coverage for your postcode.

What causes poor mobile signal strength?

The low cellular signal strength in a building is caused by the distance from the closest cell tower. Furthermore, the number of solid structures between where you are standing and that cell tower, and your existing outside signal level. The closer to a cell phone antenna you are, the better the signal will be on your mobile devices. If there are lots of solid structures like metal, concrete etc between you and the cell tower, it will make it harder for your mobile device to get a signal. The existing outside mobile signal strength of the building determines how much boost is needed for good coverage inside.

What is a mobile signal booster?

A mobile phone or "cellular" signal booster or amplifier is a device that takes the existing outside (mobile) cellular radio signals and puts them inside your building. This gives you better coverage, plus increased battery life from each phone. They also allow faster data speeds on wireless internet. It's important to realise, a cell phone signal booster does not increase the number of bars or "service" to your phones. It amplifies the existing signal.

Increase mobile phone signal. How does this work?

The mobile phone signal booster is composed of two parts. An exterior antenna that you place outside of your home, and an interior antenna(s) that are placed inside, in a central location where you need better coverage. The key to better reception is placing the exterior antenna in a location where it can pick up the best possible outside cell signal. Generally, this will be near the front of your home or office. The exterior antenna then sends that amplified signal inside via cables connected to one or more interior antennas.

What kind of cable do I need?

The exterior antenna requires a coax cable to run from the exterior antenna down to where your cables connect in your home or office. Coax cables comes in many different styles, but all of them have two main pieces. An outer plastic casing that protects the copper wiring inside and a smooth inner copper wire that allows electronic signals on the cable to pass through it easily. The interior antenna(s) are connected to the coax cable which carries the signal back to your interior antenna. As a result, this allows you to have one location where your phone or data modem is installed. This greatly simplifies installation because there is no need for cables running all over your home or office. Coax also has a wide range of signal loss, meaning that it is able to carry a weak signal over long distances with very little signal reduction. Additionally, If you have a large home or office, a single coax cable from the exterior antenna will be enough to give you great coverage.

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