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Are mobile phone boosters legal?

The quick answer is yes they are. However one of the most common questions we are asked when we receive an enquiry about mobile phone signal booster installation is are mobile phone boosters legal? To begin with this is a very valid question. Before the modern systems were introduced the phone signal booster were in fact on shaky legal grounds. In addition in the majority of cases they were not allowed to be used.

However the modern systems that we install are 100% legal. Ofcom in April 2018 clarified these regulations and their usage of these systems and to clarify “Are mobile phone boosters legal”

These regulations apply to 2 separate areas of amplification

  1. In Vehicle Repeaters
  2. Static indoor repeaters

In Vehicle Repeaters

In vehicle repeaters are basically the system to improve the signal within a car due to the loss of the signal entering the car from the external antenna waves. These systems are naturaly outside the scope of our industry and installations

Static Indoor Mobile Signal Booster

The installation of these systems is where our installation practices are focused. These signal boosters are used indoors and for the purpose of improving the signal within that building

These systems are generally found in the following

They can also be found in any type of building. However those buildings with particular barrier to signal entry are generally those in most need of a booster.

How does a Mobile Signal Booster Work

The signal booster consists of these main elements

  1. The external antenna
  2. The signal amplifier
  3. The internal distribution antennas
  4. The infrastructure wiring

External Antenna

The antenna position is placed on the outside of the building and its role is to receive the mobile signals from the broadcasting stations. Therefore its ideal positioned is surveyed prior to design and installation. For this purpose the better location to receive the best external signal will result in and increased performance of the whole system

Signal Amplifier

The signal amplifier is placed centrally in the building. Generally this will be in the main communications room or riser cupboard. Firstly the amplifier is connected to the external antenna with specific data cabling connections. Thus the signal is transmitted externally to this internal unit. Secondly the signal is amplified and then sent out to the internal distribution antennas.

For this reason the placement of the external antenna becomes very important. If the amplifier receives a weak signal it can only amplify a weak signal to the internal units. Accordingly it can create signal strength to the signal only amplify what is incoming.

Internal Distribution Antennas

These internal antennas are similar in size and look to standard WiFi units commonly seen through offices and buildings. These are also part of the original survey and design and are specifically placed to:

1)  Create the best coverage throughout the building. To ensure everyone receives signal

2) Be placed in the best places so everyone gets the strongest strength possible in their area. Total coverage with weak spots of usage minimise the effectiveness of the system

These units all connect back to the internal amplifier via specific internal data cabling

Signal Booster Infrastructure Wiring

In the same way that the antennas are similar to standard WiFi units the same can be said for the data cabling to connect the signal boosters. They are installed directly from the amplifier to each individual internal antenna.

Accordingly as the data cabling is a specific industry category cable the installation must follow the installation guidelines of all other data cabling installations. Poor installation, exposure to interference such as electrical or poor terminations will affect the overall performance of the mobile phone repeater.

Are Mobile Phone Boosters Legal? How can i get a mobile signal booster for my building?

We offer a free initial consultation and guidance on what you will need for an installation. This can also include an initial on site meeting and feasibility survey of what can be achieved

We can at this stage at times offer initial outline of requirements and costs.

The next stage is specific survey and design with industry specific signal survey equipment. This is part of the advised costings and from this the overall design will be concluded and final pricing clarified.

Once the design is complete the installation can be scheduled and undertaken. This can be managed for your convenience and safety. Therefore in many cases we install these systems out of hours to avoid installations across your employee desk areas.


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