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What does AudioVisual Mean?

According to a Wikipedia explanation Audiovisual is where a technology element has both a visual and audio component or more simply an element of both sight and sound. However in regards to installations by an AV Company what does AudioVisual mean?

Every building and client is unique therefore the type of audiovisual installation can differ by so many elements and will depend on the following

  • The type of building
  • The sector i.e
    • Education
    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Hospitality
  • The requirements of the customer and how the AV company can assist those
  • The budget
  • The suitability of the building for installation

What are the examples of Audio Visual?

Audiovisual systems differ by requirement such as those above. However many of the common elements are found on the majority of AV Company installations

  • Television or display screens
  • Speakers whether ceiling or wall mounted
  • Video Conferencing
  • Control Systems via Touchscreen or wall mounted button displays
  • Projectors
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Media servers
  • Distribution systems for audio and visual elements
  • Home Cinemas

In addition to the different hardware elements you also have an extensive range of different equipment that will power and control the audiovisual system itself. Accordingly the hardware will distribute the audio and visual elements throughout the building and allow control of each of those elements via control systems such as an Ipad App or dedicated control panel

Furthermore different software systems will be incorporated to run of the control systems to provide “live” content to each of the devices. For instance where Spotify is installed onto a SONOS system that is then distributed throughout a hotel for background and ambient music

Data Cabling for Audiovisual

One of the majority elements of every audiovisual installation of the data cabling that links it all together. Furthermore the data cabling must be installed to a precise design and standard. Thus without correctly installed data cabling the overall AV system will suffer.

To this end data cabling is installed between the control hardware and the floor based AV elements. Generally the AV control hardware is located in a dedicated cabinet in the communications room.

In addition localised audiovisual and data cabling will be installed within specific rooms. For example with a Video Conferencing system there will be a cabling map to install between the desk, display screen and camera position.

With the advances in audiovisual quality and displays the requirements for transmitting these signals has also increased. In the past HDMI would be possible over Cat5e and Cat6 cables although not always recommended. However in the current installation requirements a specific AV cable or a minimum of Cat6a is required. Consideration therefore should betaken when installing a data cabling network in a new building or fit out when the audiovisual elements are yet known

Some Examples and Case Studies of AudioVisual Projects

Below are some case studies of different AV installations ranging from London to abroad

1 AV Installation – Luxury Apartment, Knightsbridge, London

2 AV Installation – Wyck Hill House Hotel, Cotswolds

3 AV Installation – Wellesley Hotel, Knightsbridge, London

4 AV Installation – Wellesley Yacht, Turkey, Italy and France


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