Marine Data Cabling Project Case Study – The Wellesley Yacht

Client: Saba Shipping | Sector: Marine | Duration: 11 months

Luxury Yacht Audio Visual Marine Installations:

The Wellesley Yacht is an extension of the luxury Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge and was designed in the same style, design and attention to high quality finishes and systems

The entire boat was entirely refurbished and NM Cabling’s remit was to install a distributed Television and Audio system throughout the 4 Bedrooms, Saloon and Games room

The focus was on being able to create a high end system that could also be contained into the small confines of a yacht

The yacht was also refurbished in Loana, Italy to add to the challenge

To distribute the 6 satellite boxes throughout , a 8 x 8 Wyrestorm Matrix was incorporated and everything was communicated using HDMI over Cat6 systems. This gave the yacht flexibility and the ability to upgrade from one central point

This was all contained within one central control cabinet


A centrally based Sonos was used for the audio system due to its ability to be flexible and the ease of use for guest charters , such as being able to play their own music directly onto the system as well as use the central music library

Special attention was also given to the speakers throughout the boat and any equipment that was fitted. All speakers had to be marine grade due to high exposure to salt and the elements.

All the equipment had to be firmly secured and bolted down, including control leads due to the nature of the excessive movement of the boat during transport and the possibility of equipment jarring loose.

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