Data Cabling Case Study Luxury Apartment London

Client: Private | Sector:  Residential | Duration: 11 Months

This 2 bedroom luxury Apartment in Knightsbridge, London incorporated 6 Televisions and 8 Audio zones including bathroom televisions and music


Due to the minimalistic design not one element of the audio visual system was placed in the rooms but rather in a central communication area  and distributed over Cat6 cabling to each room for Television, and audio.

This allowed each of the televisions to hang as “picture frames” and have no sign of wires or controllers

Due to a limited amount of space for storage and design, the entire communications system was located centrally and distributed HDMI over cat6 freeing  furniture for use rather than storage of AV equipment and leads

It also allowed the 6 televisions to share the incoming satellite signals and channels

AV-Project-Bathroom-Mirror TVs

Mirrored Bathroom Televisions were installed to use as vanity mirrors and then as a television linked to the main central communications for a choice of Sky and Foreign Satellite and well as linking to the central music library

Stealth speakers were used throughout the whole house so not a single speaker could be seen. These speakers were installed in the fabric of the building, plastered over and then painted along with the rest of the room to completely hide the speakers without reducing sound quality

A Nuvo sound system was installed throughout, each room having a colour keypad showing the central music library by album cover, song, genre and even with a party mode for instant play throughout

These control units shared a central library enabling everyone to play separate music on call from a local source

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