Audio Visual cabling

Advantages of Video Conferencing

  Video conferencing describes online meetings. In addition connecting the video conferencing system to private conferences in meeting rooms on the Internet. Such as laptops or mobile phone devices with embedded webcams. Therefore using a simple, unified video conferencing solution with support for screen sharing enables your global teams to be more integrated. In addition

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What does AudioVisual Mean?

What does AudioVisual Mean? According to a Wikipedia explanation Audiovisual is where a technology element has both a visual and audio component or more simply an element of both sight and sound. However in regards to installations by an AV Company what does AudioVisual mean? Every building and client is unique therefore the type of

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Designing Home AV Cabling

Home AV Cabling What is Audio Visual Audio Visual via home AV cabling is the type of media that contains both a visual and sound element in its transmission. Both elements are not always present in each application but one of those is always a part of that transmission. Home AV cabling is what links

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