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Video Wall Installation Andover
Video Wall Installation
Video Wall Installation

Video Wall Installation

Before the advancement in AV technology, having a large display was commonly achieved by having a projector. However, with recent technology, consumers now have various options to choose from. Inventions such as ‘The Wall’ TV by Samsung allows consumers to have a display that is over 1,000 inches. Furthermore, the advancement of technology has also seen the cost of projectors decrease by a considerable amount. In this article we will focus on Video Wall installation. So what is a Video wall?


Video wall technology is a combination of multiple screens joint to form one large screen. This technology emerged in the early 1980s. In the early stages of this technology, video walls were all based on standard Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors, commonly 28-inch diagonal. This resulted in large gaps between image sections. Of course, technology has progressed since 1980, nowadays screens are specifically designed to be used in video walls. Commonly, these screens have narrow bezels in comparison to standard monitors. As a result, this minimises the gap between the active display areas.


Indoor Video Walls

NM Cabling have access to a range of high-quality screens, mounts, and accessories to help you build a commercial and professional grade video wall. With vast experience in video wall installation, our team have a wide range of hardware options you can choose from. Whether, your video wall is to be used in a control room, for digital signage, or for displaying information, we have the solution for you. Our team are trained for various video wall solutions such as:

  1. Wall mounted video walls
  2. Ceiling mounted video walls
  3. Free standing video walls

With access to ultra-narrow bezel monitors for a seamless image or traditional public display monitors for a lower budget solution, we can meet your requirements. Furthermore, the video wall solution will be designed for your specific needs. The video wall will be configured to give you multiple options for display. Simply by switching settings our video wall installation will give you the ability to use the wall as a 1 large display or as individual screens.


High bright video walls

For video walls in areas with high ambient light such as outdoors, or window displays. We offer a high bright video wall solution. These monitors are specifically designed for high brightness in comparison to the standard monitors. In addition, the screens are six times brighter than the standard video wall screens. As a result, the additional brightness will ensure the displayed information is still visible in high ambient lighting.


High Resolution Video Walls

For clients who value high resolution displays, our team has a solution to meet your needs. To generate more pixels, we can drive each screen used in the wall at its native resolution. Thus, increasing the number of pixels. In addition, this technique can achieve results that are greater than 4K or UHD. Typically, we offer this solution to clients who require a vast amount of information to be displayed. Lastly, the high-resolution solution has no limitations, it can be achieved with any size video wall.


Low Budget Video Wall

Lower budget video walls can be achieved by using traditional screens with a wider bezel. Correspondingly, this option does not deliver a seamless image, high resolution, or high brightness. However, for client who wish to display text-based information over multiple screen this solution will be suitable. Our team at NM Cabling can configure the screens around the grid to guarantee visibility.





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