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AV Consultant and Installation

As an AV Consultant specialising in AV installation projects for Business, Education & Government, we will assist you in exploring these options to design the correct solution for your company, budget and location. We  work with customers to design, install and integrate tailored AV solutions, As technology has evolved, so has its ability to connect people, offices and countries with higher quality and reliability.

What does AV stand for?

AV is the acronym for Audio Visual Solutions and is all those elements that can be used or combined those elements of Audio And Visual Solutions.

Examples of these systems are

Commercial Settings

  • Video Conference Rooms
  • Video Walls
  • Digital Signage
  • Background Music
  • PA and Emergency Systems
  • Meeting Room Audio Visual
  • Projectors and projection Screens
  • Distributed Information Screens
  • Room Booking Systems
  • Information Signage

Residential Settings


What is an AV Consultant?

As an AV consultant, our team at NM Cabling works to create the most suitable system, budget, or functionality for you as our client, not to assume a particular system, budget, or functionality.

Of course, there is technical expertise in designing, installing and programming every Audiovisual system, but it all has to start with how the client wishes to use that system.

Some clients will have extensive technical experience or even on-site technical support and want a system with more functionality and control systems over every element in their office space.

By contrast, some clients wish it to be as simple as possible, for example, one or two buttons to achieve their chosen functionality.

Our role is to achieve that through in-depth conversations and surveys to find the correct AV system for you.

What are the Responsibilities of an AV Consultant:

As we previously mentioned, every system and situation is unique. However, in most projects, we follow the same process, and the design changes around this process.

This will flow as follows:

Audio Visual Needs Assessment

Before any project commences, we will attend your offices and thoroughly understand what you wish to achieve from this Audiovisual System.

  1. What is the layout of the office?
  2. Which rooms require or could require AV elements?
  3. What is the construction of your office, and how plausible is it to install new systems, cables, power, etc?
  4. The clients expectations?
  5. What is the level of your technical experience or access to technical support?
  6. What is the budget or guidelines on budget?
  7. Is there a need for a Wow factor or part of a specific design
  8. How do you wish to have it all controlled?
  9. What elements do you want to be controlled?

AV Consultant System Design

Once we have gathered all this information, we can prepare an initial design based on these findings.

With all AV systems, you will have the following elements

  1. The AV hardware – TVs, Video Conference equipment, Speakers, Controllers etc
  2. The mounting hardware to install this equipment.
  3. Data Cables and AV cables to connect it all.
  4. Electrical sockets to power the equipment.

The plausibility of installing new data cables and power cables will define a lot of how the system is set up. It would be careless to propose an AV System that involves a massive disruption to install cables if other solutions can be used.

In most modern commercial spaces, access is easy to install cables, so the design takes shape. Now, the system is designed to suit your needs, budget, functionality and aesthetics.

Audio Visual Vendor Selection

As part of the above design, selecting certain vendors will be crucial in meeting all the design elements.

Functionality varies greatly by vendor, as does budget. In many cases, you can have the same functionality for what you require for a reduced budget as you may not need all the additional functionality specific systems offer, and you would be paying for elements you don’t require.

Also, some vendor hardware is more straightforward to maintain yourself and make changes to. In contrast, another vendor will be locked down to other trained engineers to access, thus limiting your access and increasing maintenance costs.

Audio Visual Vendors are extensive but some of the most commonly found in comemrcial settings are:

 There is also then a wide range of displays, speakers and systems to add to these

The list of vendors we can propose as NM Cabling is vast, so we are confident we have the correct vendor for your requirements.

Audio Visual Budgeting and Cost Estimation:

Once the design is complete, the cabling is calculated, and the vendors are chosen, the basis of the quotation is formed.

We prefer to include everything you have requested on the quotation plus any additional hardware or options “Below the Line” so you can see any extra options, their costs, and their effect on the overall budget.

In situations where additional works are required outside of our work, we will also advise those so you can incorporate them into your overall budget. Items such as:

  • Building Works
  • Chasing of walls, floors, etc
  • Redecoration
  • Supervision by others

In too many cases, we have met clients who have had to pay hidden extras or unknown costs to make their system work.

AV Project Management and Installation:

Once everything is agreed upon regarding the design, budget, and suitability to the client’s scope, the process of installing the system can begin.

Project Management warps around the installation part of the project, and there is a pre-project element, a post-project element and ongoing project management during the installation.

A project will follow a process such as the following:


  • On-site meetings with client technical team and site managers to advise of disruptions and technical requirements of the AV system (I,e Password access, IP addresses, client IT, etc)
  • Create project drawings and schematics to show the expected installation.
  • Meeting with the Construction team if applicable
  • Creation of Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Creation of Programme of Works

Project Installation

  • Project start attendance with AV Engineering Team
  • Monitoring of installation and progress
  • Attendance at site meetings with clients and contractors
  • Communication of completion of works

Programming and Commissioning

  • Programming of System
  • Stress Testing of Systems and Training with Client and Team
  • Tweaking of systems to fit client user experience.
  • Final Handover
  • Submission of User Manuals and O and M Documentation

Post Installation

  • Helpdesk assistance with queries on the new AV system
  • Attendance for initial client usage updates and queries
  • Ongoing service and maintenance

Qualities of an Effective AV Consultant:

At NM Cabling, we pride ourselves on being a flexible contractor for your Audiovisual requirements. We never assume anything on your part or install a system that “should” fit your office design and space.

On many occasions, we have assisted clients with overly complicated AV systems they had no idea to use, and they communicated they were told that was the system they needed for an office of their size or prestige. There is no point in having a highly specified AV system if your employees can’t use it efficiently.

At NM Cabling, we pride ourselves on the following:

  1. Technical Proficiency: We are continually training our team and staying abreast of the audiovisual world, its options and how they can help many clients.
  2. Communication Skills: Our project team is streamlined to where the same Audio Visual project manager who meets on the initial consultation will be involved through the project’s completion. We don’t hand projects down through various stages of responsibility.
  3. Problem-Solving Ability: With vast experience in not only installing new AV systems, we have also problem-solved many systems, advised clients on changes and also, at times, helped replace entire systems for better functionality and usage.
  4. Creativity and Innovation: As we don’t believe in one system that fits all, we pride ourselves on finding that specific system to suit you and using a wide range of vendors and designs. This approach requires great creativity and innovation, which we enjoy.
  5. Project Management Expertise: Audiovisual systems require a lot of additional coordination with other systems in a client’s space, and we have a range of different people in the business. Therefore, we believe in the constant presence of the same PM throughout the project to ensure this is achieved.

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In a world where remote working is now part of every business, audiovisual consultants such as NM Cabling are essential to every company’s planning and process.

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