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Data Cabling Service & Maintenance

If you want your business to be successful, you need to back it up with a world-class IT infrastructure. And this infrastructure will always be built on the quality of your data cabling. Therefore, the need for upgrades and maintenance is crucial. These two elements will ensure that you are maximising network performance and enhancing your productivity. But, to achieve this, you need to understand the principles of data cabling upgrades and maintenance.

Tips For Reliable Data Cable Maintenance

You don’t always have to upgrade your data cabling in the event of poor performance. Often, it can be as simple as a maintenance issues. Data cabling, after all, is prone to wear and tear, so performance can soon drop if it’s not maintained correctly. Therefore, it’s important you practice the following tips to maximise the reliability of your cabling:

  • - Conduct regular inspections: many data cable issues can be caught quickly with regular inspections. There are many visual signs, such as frayed cables, which take a minimal amount of time to identify but could prevent major issues developing.
  •  - Cleaning: data cabling is difficult to manage as it is, but this difficulty is magnified when it’s kept in conditions where dust and debris can accumulate on it. This means regular cleaning is vital to maintain the condition of your cabling. Just take a soft cloth and wipe the cables down to keep them in excellent condition.
  • -  Carry out testing: many data cabling faults are invisible to the eye, so in-depth testing needs to be conducted to identify any hidden faults. A cable tester, for example, can be used to both identify continuity issues and make sure your cabling meets the demand of your network.
  •  - Cable management: perhaps the simplest, yet most important, maintenance step you can take is practicing good cable management. By ensuring that your cables are securely fastened and well organised, you minimise the risk of damage to your cables and maintain the performance of your network.

The Importance of Data Cabling Upgrades

The business landscape is one which constantly changes. There are busy periods and there are quiet periods. But when the busy periods come, your business needs to be ready to rise to the challenge. Accordingly, future proofing your network is essential. However, when do you know that the time is right to upgrade? Well, there are a number of clear indicators, and it’s often down to your cabling struggling to cope with the demands of modern technology.

In particular, you need to look out for signs such as:

  • - An increase in network outages
  •  - Slow data transfer speeds
  •  - An impact on your revenues caused by poor network performance

Once you have identified just one of these indicators, it’s time to start looking at data cabling upgrades. Bringing in new technologies, such as upgrading from Cat 6 cables to fiber optic, will eliminate poor network performance and allow you to remain competitive. And, remember, upgrading to cutting-edge technology always delivers long-term gains such as reduced spending in the future.

Get the Best Out of Your Data Network

Data cabling upgrades and maintenance are two sure-fire ways to enhance the performance of your network. However, data cabling is a complex art, and you need to guarantee that your upgrades and maintenance are completed to a high standard. This is why it makes sense to turn to the professionals. These experts will provide peace of mind that your data cabling is fit for purpose and underline your competitiveness. Read more about our Data Cabling Maintenance service

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