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Wi-Fi Black Spots
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How to Fix Wi-Fi Black Spots


Struggling with weak spots in your Wi-Fi signal? Looking for an easy and effective way to enhance your network's range? With our comprehensive guide, you can easily detect and solve weak Wi-Fi connections in minutes. Find out how to make your Wi-Fi signal stronger and remove black spots now.

Analyse for Black Spots.

Before doing anything, it’s important to analyse your property for specific areas with weak signal strength. This helps you identify which rooms or parts of your office experiencing the worst Wi-Fi black spots. Walk around your property with your smartphone and make note of any location that has a slow or weak signal connection. You may also use a smartphone app or device to scan your network and help pinpoint these problem areas in even greater detail.

Position Your Router Properly.

An often overlooked way to eliminate Wi-Fi black spots is to properly position your router. Many people tend to place their routers in inaccessible locations like closets and cabinets, which can result in a weak signal or interference from nearby electronics. Make sure your router is placed in an open space and away from walls or other obstructions that could interfere with the signal. This simple adjustment can greatly improve your connection speed, reduce latency, and remove any Wi-Fi dead zones.

Eliminate Interference from Other Devices.

Another way to eliminate Wi-Fi black spots is to check for interference from other nearby devices. When placed too close to your router, electronics such as microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors can interfere with the signal and cause sporadic disconnections. Make sure all of your devices are positioned at least two feet away from the router, and periodically check for any changes in connection speed. If you’re still having problems, try temporarily disabling any devices that may be interfering with your Wi-Fi signal.

Keep Your Wi-Fi Network Secure at All Times.

In addition to being sure you have the strongest Wi-Fi signal available, it’s also important that you keep your network safe from external threats and intruders. Make sure your router is set up with a powerful password and unique username associated with it. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to make it as strong as possible. Regularly change your passwords and update your router firmware for an added layer of security.

Upgrade to a Better Wi-Fi Router or Extender.

If you’ve tried all of the mentioned solutions and you’re still experiencing black spots, it may be time to upgrade your hardware. Upgrade your Wi-Fi router or invest in an extender if you need additional coverage and speed. When buying an upgraded router, make sure it supports both 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) and 5 GHz frequencies — ensuring that no device goes without a strong connection.

Wi-Fi extender

Blackspots are otherwise known as dead zones, spots where signals are dropped or stretched too thin. Wi-Fi extenders can come in handy in solving this problem as they pick up and pass on the signal so it arrives further away than its normal range. This allows you to access the internet in areas that would have otherwise been beyond your reach!

Are there certain spots in your home where you don't get great Wi-Fi coverage? One solution to Wi-Fi black spots could be a single product plug-in device. This device is much cheaper than a mesh network and it looks like an upgraded version of a night light. If you're pinching pennies, this could be the best way to improve your home's Wi-Fi connection without breaking the bank!

Wi-Fi black spots can be incredibly frustrating as they prevent you from having a reliable wireless connection in certain areas. While Wi-Fi extenders can help extend your wireless coverage, it may lead to your device having to switch between different networks each time you move in and out of the wi-fi area. This can cause a drop in performance and create an overall nuisance.

Wi-Fi Black Spots Summary

Wi-Fi black spots can be incredibly frustrating, as they occur when the strength of your home's Wi-Fi signal won't reach certain areas of your house. This can lead to slow connection speeds, spotty connections, or no reception at all. While there are a few methods to try and help with this issue, such as adjusting router placement or investing in range extenders, it may be difficult to eliminate Wi-Fi black spots completely.

If you've ever experienced Wi-Fi blackspots in your home or office, where certain areas of the building have weak or non-existent signal, there's no need to worry. If the above solutions don’t improve your network. Contact our sales team for site survey. Following the survey our team will be able to advise a solutions that’ll leave your network smooth & trouble free.

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