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Data Cabling and Wireless Specialist Services

In short as part of the installation of wireless network installation services they are two major parts and considerations.

Firstly there is the Hardware and Technology considerations. In addition there is the infrastructure to support that and link it all together

Stages of a Wifi Project and Installation

  1. User requirements and performance – How many users will you have accessing the system. Furthermore what is the speed requirements and performance
  2. Survey – Surveying the building for optimum access point location to meet demands
  3. Bespoke Design – Choice of access points, switches and software
  4. Installation – Both infrastructure such as cabling and hardware
  5. Commissioning – Clarification that full coverage and performance targets are met
  6. Servicing – Ongoing support and changes

These wireless network services stages will each impact and rely on the other stages around them. Therefore as one element changes so do several of the other. As an example an increase in users will cause an increase in access points and therefore an increase in data cabling

Technology Considerations for Wireless Network Installation Services

  • Choice of manufacturer or system
  • Required number of access points
  • Locations of access points as per wireless survey
  • Location, number and type of switches
  • Management, control and software of the system

All these elements are part of the IT side of the system and tied in with the strategy and management of the overall IT systems within the business

Infrastructure Considerations for Wireless Network Installation Services 

In addition to the technology design the infrastructure layout will be design to support those choices. Furthermore this will impact the entire location due to the requirements of the cabling to move throughout the whole space

The infrastructure considerations include

  • The required bandwidth for the WiFi system
  • This leads to the data cabling requirements for those speeds
  • The locations of the switches and how they need to be linked (Fibre Optic Cabling or Copper Data Cabling)
  • The cabling routes and installation requirements
  • Additional containment
  • The mounting requirements of the Access Points
  • The mounting locations of the access points
    • Wall Mounted
    • Ceiling Mounted
    • Ceiling Tiles or Bespoke Clips
    • Internal High Level such as warehouses
    • External mounting including high level
  • Access equipment required for installation
    • Scissor Lifts
    • Access Towers
    • Podium Steps
    • Step Ladders
    • Extension ladders
  • Staffing Levels. How densely populated is the working area with staff. Is the installation required out of hours

In short all the above elements can at anytime be part of a small or large WiFi project. Furthermore every installation is unique. Therefore a WiFi Specialist survey and installation plan is required on each project to ensure the best installation and system performance.

Wi-Fi Installation Engineers

NM Cabling Wi-Fi installers are experts in setting up and optimising wireless networks. They have the technical knowledge and skills to ensure reliable and secure connectivity throughout homes, offices, and public spaces. Wi-Fi installers perform tasks such as router configuration, signal strength optimization, and troubleshooting, delivering seamless wireless experiences for users and with the best available speeds. We are here to assist you with all your Wi-Fi needs. From installation, maintenance and aftercare. Our team is trained and amply knowledgeable to leave you with a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Wireless Network Installation Projects

Click below for cases study examples of Wifi specialist projects undertaken

As previously mentioned each wireless network installation is unique. The three projects above show this can be the case.


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