WiFi Specialist

What affects WiFi speed

What affects WiFi speed In a business or enterprise, there may be various factors regarding what affects WiFi speed. Furthermore, performance, coverage, or connection speed. Some are easy to fix, others require troubleshooting or a high, technical level of investigation. Wi-Fi is now the way of the world and it is a necessity in the

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What cables do I need for Wi-Fi?

What cables do I need for Wi-Fi? Types of Internet Cables for Wi-Fi There are a few choices of cabling when looking at supply WiFi devices. The choice of cable will depend on the speed requirements and the type of Wi-Fi product chosen. Firstly we have a look at the types of internet cables for

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Wireless Network Installation Services

Data Cabling and Wireless Specialist Services In short as part of the installation of wireless network installation services they are two major parts and considerations. Firstly there is the Hardware and Technology considerations. In addition there is the infrastructure to support that and link it all together Stages of a Wifi Project and Installation User

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