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Generally, when buildings go through remodelling projects, new electrical wiring becomes essential, this can be a hindrance to a property owner. Who should complete your commercial electrical wiring? Our commercial project team is here to guide you through this process to relieve the pressure. Our team will efficiently assist you with the complete electrical wiring project to avoid mistakes and problems.


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Our Project team will assist with the following regarding your electrical wiring

  1. Assess and evaluate your existing electrical and data cabling
  2. Evaluation of new regulations & requirements for your company, employees, and technology
  3. Design systems to support new requirements
  4. Plan so your design is future proof for growth and expansion
  5. Bespoke design to suit the aesthetics of the working space
  6. Combine various services to create an overall all in one plan
  7. Budget assistance with various proposals to suit different requirements
  8. Installation of your required solution
  9. Complete test results & certification
  10. Service & maintenance after completion

As commercial electrician specialists, its essential for us to seek out fully qualified and licensed commercial electrical professionals who can correctly manage your electrical requirements. Furthermore our team of experienced/knowledgeable individuals have no restrictions in terms of the complexity of the job.

Commercial Electricians vs Residential Electricians

Residential and commercial electricians have the same foundation of knowledge. However, there are a few differences with their daily tasks. The main difference is the complexity of their work, generally commercial electricians work on bigger systems in comparison to residential electricians. In addition, commercial electricians are required to further their knowledge before undertaking commercial work. Required qualifications – Diploma in electrotechnical services (electrical maintenance) and level 3 diploma in installing electrotechnical systems & equipment (buildings, structures, and the environment).


Who should complete your commercial electrical wiring?

When hiring a commercial electrician, you need to choose a reputable company with good experience. A company with more years of experience is likely to be versatile with highly trained electricians with the ability to adjust to unforeseen circumstances. Equally important is the reputation. Companies with a good informative website with customer reviews/testimonial is likely to look after your needs and requirements in a professional manor.

In addition to the above, the company should be competent:

  1. Is all electrical work done to British standards BS 7671?
  2. can they legally issue a BS 7671 certificate?
  3. Do they have Public & Employers Liability?


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