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A commercial electrician is an individual who specifically works on commercial properties, for example, office buildings, high rises, shopping malls, restaurants, and government buildings. Many aspects of the job are similar to those of a residential electrician. The main difference is commercial electricians work on bigger systems which are more complex than those of a residential unit. Below are some examples of the work done by a commercial electrician.


Why do I need a commercial electrician?

Due to the complexity of a commercial unit, commercial electricians will generally obtain additional qualifications and training. For example, design, scheduling, and planning for the environment their working in.

What type of Jobs do Commercial Electricians do?

  1. Installation, Maintenance & Repairs
  2. Fault Finding
  3. Interior/Exterior Lighting
  4. Fire Alarms & Security Systems
  5. Partial or complete rewiring
  6. Switches, relays, circuit breaker panels and fuse enclosure


Thing to consider when hiring a commercial electrician

If you’ve never hired a commercial electrician, you may feel overwhelmed by the process (who can I trust?  how do I know their competent & qualified?) If you’re wondering what you need to know, we can help you hire the correct commercial electrician for your business.


The two recognised awarding organisations in the UK are City & Guilds and EAL. To practice as a fully qualified electrician in the UK you’re required to hold a Level 3 certification. A commercial electrician should have and industry recognised level 3 NVQ qualification, In addition they should further their knowledge by obtaining a diploma in Electrotechnical services (electrical maintenance) and level 3 diploma in installing electrotechnical systems & equipment (buildings, structures and the environment.


Is all their electrical work to British standard BS 7671? If so, are they legally able to issue a BS 7671 certificate. Lastly are they able to prove a valid insurance document verifying Public Liability and Employers Liability (if applicable).


When looking for an electrician, experience in the industry should be something you take into consideration. An individual with more years in the industry is likely to be the more versatile with the ability to adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

Quality of work

You want to make sure you’re entrusting your electrical work to a company that is reputable. We’d highly recommend for you to pick a company that has client reviews (good & bad), Case studies and a good informative website. These are all signs of professionalism and confirmation the company values every single client.

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