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What is VOIP?

VOIP is commonly known as phone service over the internet and stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

This means that your phone service is delivered over your internet connection rather than the standard telephone wiring previously associated with telephone cabling

Older telephone system would run to a central telephone (PABX) unit and individual telephone cables would then run to each phone socket at the desk locations

Incoming and internal transfer of calls would all route through this control unit

With VOIP all the management is done over the same internet connectivity as your computers


Can I use VOIP over my existing data cabling?

When considering an installation of a VOIP system there are two considerations

  • Will I have my computers and telephones on separate data cabling lines
  • Will I have my computers and telephone son the same data cabling line

A lot of the decision here will be whether it’s a new installation of data cabling or if you are adding a phone system to the cabling you already have

Sharing a cable will be slightly less in cost of cables by the computer speeds will always be limited to the speed of the phone unit it is plugged into.

It is always recommended to install 1 cable for the PC and 1 cable for the phone wherever possible.


Is my existing cable suitable for VoIP?

The VOIP system will require an internet connection type cable so will need to be a minimum of Cat5e with an RJ45 socket such as below

Internet Cabling Data Outlet 3

Internet Cabling Data Outlet




Legacy Telephone Outlet 2


Legacy Telephone Outlet





If the existing phone system is run on legacy phone cabling with BT phone socket outlets then the telephone cabling will need to be replaced with internet standard data cabling.

Data Cabling-Test Report

Data Cabling-Test Report


The tester will check the tests against pre-set parameters and produce a Pass (Green Tick) or Fail (Red Cross) in the top right corner

Any cables that fail are not suitable for either PC or Telephone connectivity

What is the cost of upgrading my existing data cabling network?


This will depend on the numbers of cables being installed, the location the type of building (and ease of installation) and the cabling standard used (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a)

As an outline for installation of 20 outlets and upwards £35-50 per outlet for Cat5e and £45-60 per outlets can be assumed. These costs will be confirmed on individual surveys.


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