Voice and Data Cabling

Structured Cabling for Voice and Data

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VOIP structured data cabling


With phone systems moving from a legacy analogue system and up through digital systems and mainly into VOIP (Voice over Internet) phone systems, requirements have moved for all phone systems to be run over structured cabling. Whether the voice and data cabling is to be Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6 or Cat7 to match your data cabling systems, NM Cabling has the expertise, accreditation and knowledge to design, implement and install the correct system for your current and future requirements


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With existing legacy phone systems, structured data cabling can still be used by the links between cabinets, floors need to be on a link per phone basis over CW1308 cabling or link to link structured cabling. By installing voice and data cabling to keep your existing system working we can also advise on how to “future proof” this cabling to allow your company to use this cabling on future telephone systems


Telephone System Moves, Adds and Changes.


If you are considering or have decided to upgrade your telephone system we offer free surveys to advise on the suitability of your existing structured cabling and whether your existing cabling will be suitable for your new equipment. We are able to cable test your existing data cabling and provide electronic test results which will indicate whether the existing data cabling is suitable for use.


In cases where the voice and data cabling is not suitable we are able to advise suggested data cabling upgrades to suit your technology upgrade


Telephone Cabling Removal


Legacy voice and data cabling can, at times, be very unsightly with voice cabling clipped and tacked to skirting boards and on top of carpet, a mode that is not standard with new voice and data cabling installations. During new and upgrade installations of your voice and data cabling we are able to identify and remove the legacy voice cabling and dispose to waste for you


We offer a  24/7 installation service and  we are able to offer Voice and Data Cabling solutions at any time to suit the best installation and downtime timescales


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