Data Cabling for Retail and Public Buildings

NM Cabling has the expertise to handle IT cabling services in retail stores of all sizes and locations. Therefore with experience in many national roll-out projects for blue chip retailers, our installation team are experts in carrying out long term, flexible programs. Furthermore our wide-ranging experience includes installation of people counting systems, display signage, automation systems, Wi-Fi and security and access control systems.

IT Cabling Services for Retail

Generally retail stores differ from a standard commercial installation. For this reason they consist of distributed technology requirements in single areas of the stores. At the same time each piece of technology hardware will require a minimal amount of cabling. However this cabling will be via a dedicated route each time.

Retail data technology using IT cabling services

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Indeed the majority of these will require a Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a data cable from a dedicated communications room. However some will require a bespoke cable or installation to a dedicated piece of technology

New Construction vs Existing Retail Space

When an installation is required in a retail space during construction it is therefore similar to the majority of other commercial installations. However the difference being that the spaces are generally more distributed as discussed above and there is less space to install the cabling. Subsequently this is to have the cleanest aesthetics as possible within the store. Therefore minimal ceiling space and containment that has to avoid many of the areas

In contrast installing into an existing retail space has its own challenges. Coupled with a store full of merchandise you also have an architecturally challenging space. Generally retail space is usually solid ceilings with minimal access hatches

In this case the IT cabling services almost exclusively take place out of hours when the retail space is empty. This is to avoid the customers and allow movement around the merchandise

As a full solutions company we are able to offer a turnkey solution for our commercial clients. Therefore we can combine the following services into a single design and installation

Cabling and Network Installations for Retail Outlets

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All the above services can be carried out overnight while stores are closed to avoid disruption. Generally the majority of services extend throughout shop floors and back offices. Projects such as these can be scheduled as fast track installations to ensure all disruptive work is complete and operational before the store reopens.


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