UGG Stores Data Cabling Installation London Case Study

Client: Deckers UK | Sector: Data Cabling – Retail | Duration – Multiple

UGG was founded in 1978 in Southern California by an Australian surfer and is famous for its use of sheepskin in its products. Its products and shops are found all over the world

Due to a trial of a customer trading initiative UGG decided to install customer counting technology in some of their stores. Therefore NM Cabling were tasked with pre-installing data cabling throughout the Knightsbridge Store and and off site storage facility. In additon new trunking was required to route this cables to the required positions. This data cabling and technology supported the software for tracking this foot fall.

People Counters for Retail

People counters are a large part of retail technology. Furthermore they are key to optimising store performance. Firstly they track the number of people who walk through the door. Furthermore the data these solutions capture supports effective decision-making. Generally at a strategic and operational level. Thereofre this highlights everything from staff scheduling to trend analysis and retail occupancy

Data Cabling Installation 

The Data cabling Installation was carried out overnight while the store was closed to avoid disruption as the structured cabling extended throughout the shop floor and back office. In addition the job was completed as a fast track installation as all structured cabling needed to be complete and operational before the store reopened the next day

Furthermore due to the delicate nature of the stores dedicated security was arranged in advance to hastened the installation and minimise potential issues

The project has been rolled out to several other data cabling installations in UGG’s other London Stores

Out of Hours Cabling

Generally the majority of retail data cabling is undertaken out of hours. Stores are generally full of clients from mid morning til late evening. Therefore data cabling is difficult or impossible to install safely. Furthermore if drilling is required then the noise is a major disruption and affects retail sales. 

Thus as out of hours is such a large part of the data cabling industry we are able to offer out of hours installations just as much as we can offer in hours installation.

UGG Stores Data Cabling Installation London – See the full case study