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The Pinnacle – Sales and Marketing Suite Audio Visual Install

The Pinnacle was planned to be one of the highest skyscraper office spaces in London, based in the city in the Aldgate and City of London area. For this a Marketing Suite Audio Visual Install project was developed

Arab Investments was the developer, and as part of the construction process, they engaged NM Cabling to create a marketing suite in the Gherkin Building at St Marys Axe, which overlooked the construction site.

NM Cabling had undertaken various Audio Visual Install projects for Arab Investments at several of their other developments, such as 

The marketing suite would involve a total Audio Visual Installation, Data Cabling, Electrical Installation and Smart Lighting. 

The brief would be to create a centrally controlled system where presentations could be held, and potential tenants, investors, and project teams could be hosted during the construction of the main building.

The brief contained the following.

  • Audio Visual Installaton with large screen display, video conferencing, sound system and marketing suite control system
  • New electrical installation to power the marketing suite elements
  • Data cabling for internet connectivity and linking of the Audio Visual Install with the lighting, sound and control systems
  • Smart Lighting
  • Mood lighting for two scale models

All these elements would be combined into a central control system with certain presets. The idea was that each preset would automatically create a presentation based on the type of client or visitor. 

A video conferencing system was implemented into the system so international calls could be made to international clients or connections could be made between visitors’ teams while on-site at the marketing suite.

The timescales were shortened due to a need for the marketing suite to cover upcoming presentations, and the overall Audio Visual install was to follow a fast-track design, installation and programming along with the other elements.