Data Cabling Case Study – 10 Manchester Street Hotel

Client: Arab Investments | Sector: Hotels / Hospitality | Duration: 11 Months

10 Manchester Street Hotel in Marylebone London is a 45 bedroom Boutique Hotel.

Structured Cabling for Hotel - Manchester Street Hotel

NM Cabling was tasked with the Structured Cabling installation and main hardware installer for this Hotel in Manchester Street, London. In addition the company was tasked with the design and installation of the Audio Visual Systems. Furthermore the WIFI Installation and Telephone System Installation when the hotel was refurbished.

The entire hotel was refurbished over a 12 month program and stripped back to its basic structure. Therefore a lot of co-ordination was required between the data cabling, hardware and building services undertaken by others

Structured Cabling Installation

Due to the stripping back to a bare structure all new data cabling was required throughout the hotel. The structured cabling design was required  for Guest Bedroom, Public Areas, Offices, Bar, Restaurant and Reception. The data cabling was installed for all services, hotel systems and entertainment.

Due to the nature of the old building, bespoke routes and solutions were required for the data cabling installation and terminations. Therefore bespoke containment and routing was required by the main building contractor. The design had to be based on requirements and communications from NM cabling and the outline of what would be needed to route the data cabling infrastructure

However even though  network cabling was undertaken for all services within the building the types of cablign were different depending on the hotel system. Firstly standard Cat5e and Cat6 was installed for the internet, telephones and WiFi. The audio visual system would have Cat6 and coaxial cables installed. Furthermore the AV installation would have a HDMI and USB lead to each television from the hotel room desk. In addition the CCTV system had two Cat6 cables. One for signal and one for power.  Lastly the music throughout the hotel had a specific speaker cable installed. In many cases each of these cables had to have separate containment.

Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Installation for Hotel - Manchester Street Hotel

NM Cabling installed large screen televisions in every bedroom with audio visual links for guest connection. Furthermore there was  distributed aerial systems, data systems and digital signage to link back to the hotels management system. Each bedroom had a unique shape due to the old nature of the building. In essence no two rooms were alike. Therefore each bedroom had to have a bespoke television and bracket designed into the space. Firstly to have the correct viewing size from the bed. Secondly to fit the wall space it was to hang on. In some cases the perfect size TV for viewing would be too large for the wall it hung on. Therefore it would be down sized to fit. Lastly some rooms had bespoke joinery to create a separate bedroom and living area. In these rooms specific mountings were designed to take back to back television positions

Distributed music systems with zonal control and inputs were installed in the public areas. Firstly these all fed back to a central server room. Secondly the data cabling then distributed to each individual area. Data cables to the controls and speaker cables to the speakers. Lastly the music servers and services were installed into the server room. This allowed for all areas to share a common source and have their own choice of channel and volume. The system also allowed for pre-programming of music to suit different times of the day

Wi-Fi Installation

Unlike many hotels a free to access Wi-Fi system was installed throughout. This had to cover all guest bedrooms, public and hotel management areas. It also had to have separate loins for guests and staff. Due to the design of the hotel there were no WiFi units to be visible onsite. Therefore careful planning of the Wifi Installation was required to suit current access hatch positions. In many cases this required an uplift in access point numbers to achieve the correct coverage. In addition the hotel had several external areas such as bedroom courtyards and a cigar terrace. Coverage here was more challenging and once again specific deisgn with the main contractor was required

10 Manchester Street Hotel Structured Cabling, Audio Visual, Telephone and Wifi installation – See the full case study