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Door access control is the use of electronic devices and systems to restrict or limit access to a certain area, property, or facility. The aim of using door access control is to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed within designated areas. As your dedicated access control installers our work typically involves the installation of an electronically operated system at entryways. For Example, doors, turnstiles, and gates. Commonly, the installation of your access control system will require a site survey. This gives our team the chance to understand your requirements and discuss possible cabling routes.

As your access control installer. NM Cabling will assist you with the design, installation, testing and maintenance of your system. Furthermore, we offer assistance with a variety of tasks. Such as, installing locks, wiring the system to the control panel, programming user credentials into the system, and troubleshooting any technical issues that may arise.

What is Door Access Control?

A door access control system is managed by using a control panel or access point which is connected to the electronic locks installed on the doors. The control panel only allows authorised personnel to enter and exit. Permission to the restricted areas is normally granted by the use of a pin code, key card/fob, and intercom system. In addition, buildings with a requirement of high level security such as, military bases will use a biometric system. These systems commonly have a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition.

Because door access control systems are typically managed through a central control panel. They can offer a variety of security features such as time-based access. (which prevents unauthorized users from accessing certain areas at specific times of the day). Furthermore, an audit trails. (which provide detailed information about who has accessed the system and when).

Access Control Installer - Door Entry Options

Keypad entry

Keypad door entry systems use a combination of buttons to restrict access and allow authorized personnel to enter a secure area. This type of system typically requires the user to enter a PIN code or other designated sequence in order to gain entry. Keypad door entry systems offer an additional layer of security since they can be programmed so that the codes change regularly. Making it harder for unauthorized personnel to gain access.

Proximity/Card entry

Card entry door locks are a type of access control system that requires the user to present a card in order to unlock the door. This type of system is popular in residential and commercial buildings, as well as industrial facilities. Card entry door locks are designed to be relatively easy to use and can be used with various authentication techniques. For instance, magnetic strips or embedded chips.

Biometric entry

Biometric entry is a type of access control system that uses biometric technology in order to identify people by their physical characteristics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition. Lastly, biometric entry systems can be used to restrict access to certain areas and offer enhanced security since they are difficult to bypass or counterfeit.

Intercom Door entry

Intercom door entry systems are a type of access control system that allows the user to communicate with the building’s reception or security personnel before granting them access. These systems typically require the user to press a call button outside the building and then speak through an intercom. Allowing the receptionist or security guard to grant them access remotely.

Access Control Installers Summary

Access control systems are typically designed to offer a high level of security for buildings and other areas. In order to install an access control system, it is important to work with a qualified installer who can help you choose the right system and configure it correctly. NM Cabling offers assistance with the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of your access control system. We also provide support for a variety of tasks such as installing locks, wiring the system to the control panel, programming user credentials into the system, and troubleshooting. Let us know if we can help you get started with implementing a door access control system in your business or residence.

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