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Pre-Terminated Data Cabling
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Pre-Terminated Data Cabling

A reliable and fast data cabling solution is crucial to maintaining your business productivity. Businesses such as data centres, storage area networks, and server farms can not afford a large amount of downtime or disruptions that come with unterminated data cabling. As a solution, these companies will benefit from a pre-terminated data cabling solution. A pre-terminated solution can be defined as a ‘plug and play’ system. This solution will eliminate the need for an onsite termination and testing. Furthermore, its an evolution from the traditional installation method. With a pre-terminated solution, the system will arrive on site pre-tested and labelled.


Benefits of Pre-terminated data cabling

  1. Reduce Installation cost and time by up to 50%. This includes Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, single-mode and multi-mode.
  2. To future proof your business, you must invest in a structured cabling system that meets the demands of your business operations. In addition, the system must allow for future growth. However, the performance of your system is not the only factor to be taken into consideration. The majority of mission critical installations are carried out ‘out of hours’ to decrease network down time and disruption to your business activities. NM Cabling’s installation team can offer a pre-terminated solution to reduce business interruption.
  3. Pre-terminated data cabling is very beneficial when time on site is at an absolute premium. For instance, in a new build such as data centres.
  4. Live sites that require additional cabling, but the cost and implication of downtime can be detrimental can benefit from pre-terminated data cabling. For example, trading floors or call centres. These types of premises may wish to have its cabling completed in a single overnight operation.
  5. NM Cabling’s pre terminated cables bring to the market end to end manufacturer tested and guaranteed cabling products that adhere with the latest IEEE 802.3 specifications, facilitating the deployment and maintenance of 10GB ethernet capable networks.
  6. Our Latest pre-connected cabling solution allows for a faster, more reliable and risk adverse method of installation. Avoiding downtime and business interruption is critical when bringing new client revenue streams. This solution is very beneficial.

Further Benefits of Pre-terminated Data Cabling

  1. A Pre terminated solution mean no risk of potential on-site termination problems.
  2. Reduce human resource requirement
  3. Quality terminations, fully labelled, tested and provided with test documents.
  4. Reduce disruption for your clients.
  5. Maintain your security with fewer personnel on site.
  6. Increase productivity.
  7. Simplified project management.
  8. Increased deployment speed.
  9. Easier material management on site.
  10. Requires minimum on-site storage.