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When it comes to Industrial units, you must ensure that you have the correct power and lighting in place. Failure to have these two elements installed correctly will lead to your business productivity decreasing by a significant amount. As a result, your business will become less competitive. To maintain your position in the industry, it’s crucial for your company to invest in the best power and lighting available.

Industrial buildings are both busy and dangerous. You must ensure that the power and lighting are in a safe working manor to ensure safety of your employees.

Power is the backbone of any industrial environment, the methods in which power is supplied can be dangerous. For instance, electrical cabling can cause numerous problems such as trip hazards. One cause of trip hazards is when you have a significant amount of machinery in use at the same time.

Lighting is also crucial to industrial buildings, settings such as, factories or refineries can have a limited amount of natural light. For this reason, you must ensure the building has the correct lighting to counter the lack of natural lighting. Studies have shown, lights that can emulate natural light help maintain productivity in a workplace.


Modern Developments in Power & Lighting

Smart Controlled Lighting Systems

Smart lighting systems have become very popular in domestic and office settings. However, these systems are not commonly found in industrial environments. The combination of wireless technology and powerful interfaces has presented endless possibilities. Furthermore, the systems are simple to instal and control, allowing you to customise your lighting with precision.

Underfloor Power

Industrial buildings are commonly busy workplaces. As a result, a significant investment in health and safety must be made to ensure employee safety. One of the most effective ways of ensuring safety is through underfloor power. Underfloor power is the process of powering your equipment via underfloor power cables. This allows you to keep all cables hidden, minimising the chances of a trip hazard.

Temporary Lighting

Finding alternative solutions to lighting is always important. Temporary lighting is not just a back-up solution, it can also be a fantastic solution for working at night.  This solution uses multiple lights that connect to one power supply. This provides you with portable lighting option that can be perfect for any outdoor work. In addition, if required, temporary lighting can also be implemented internally in case of any light failures.


Industrial Power and lighting summary

It is crucial for businesses in the industrial sector to work with the best lighting and power solutions. Using outdated solutions will hinder your productivity and competitiveness. In addition, outdated solutions can also lead to a major impact on the safety of your workplace.

Industrial power and lighting systems are very complex. You must ensure you’ve hired the correct team of professionals to carry out your required work. Electricians who work on industrials systems are individuals who have completed further training to understand the complexity of the systems. A standard electrician will not be qualified to do any work on your building. When hiring a company, you must check they hold the correct qualifications, insurance, and experience.


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