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How Can I Boost My Mobile Signal?

An unreliable mobile signal is one of the most frustrating aspects of modern life. After all, accessing your emails, downloading a document or making an important call can all be impacted by a weak mobile signal. But, aside from erecting a mobile phone mast in your garden, what can you do? Many people assume they are stuck with a poor mobile signal, but this is not the case. Technology always finds an answer, you just need to know what it is. And this answer lies in the form of mobile boosters.

What are Mobile Boosters?

A mobile booster, quite simply, takes your existing mobile signal and boosts it. This increase in power allows you to enhance your phone’s connectivity and put an end to your frustration. Mobile phones, of course, are used in a variety of different environments – inside buildings, vehicles and out in the open – so a number of different boosters have been designed to match the needs of each one:

  • Static Indoor Repeater:

    These boosters are primarily used to improve the mobile signal within a building. It’s a complex piece of equipment which is comprised of three individual components. One antenna is based inside and another antenna is based outside. An amplifier is then used to transfer the stronger, outside signal into the interior antenna. The user’s mobile is then able to connect to the interior antenna and receive the stronger mobile signal from outside.

  • Femtocell:

    Requiring a broadband connection to operate, a femtocell is a device which provides a mobile access point. The device provides a superior mobile signal by relaying phone traffic over your broadband signal. This can make a significant difference to call quality and your ability to download data. And, best of all, multiple smartphones (up to eight) can take advantage of a femtocell.

  • Low Gain Mobile Repeater:

    This booster is similar to the static indoor repeater but is reserved for use in moving vehicles. Again, there is an external antenna which relays a stronger signal from outside to a cradle based within the vehicle. This signal boost should be strong enough to overcome any interference caused by the shell of your vehicle or the internal electronics.

  • Smart Repeater:

    Another form of indoor repeater, a smart repeater embraces simplicity by providing a direct boost to your mobile signal. This almost guarantees that your devices will be able to take advantage of enhanced connectivity. However, it’s currently not legal to buy your own smart repeater and operate it. But this does not mean they are out of reach. It’s still legal for your mobile vendor to provide you with a licensed and approved smart repeater.

Tips For How to Boost My Mobile Signal

You don’t always need to invest in a mobile booster. Sometimes you can achieve the necessary boost by practicing the following:

  • Moving to a different area of a building can often provide you with an instant boost in your signal
  • Your phone can often get confused when searching for a mobile mast, so it’s worth turning your phone on and off again to reset this search
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi connection to gain access to strong connections and then use phone apps such as Skype and WhatsApp to make phone calls


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