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As a company the goal is to grow your business, whether that be to increase clientele, services, or members of staff. All these changes have a major influence on the required office space. Your existing building may be adequate for a short period of time. However, over time you may find relocating your premises is the only possible solution to accommodate your growth. This can be considered as a good problem to have. It’s important to realise, the logistics of an office relocation can be very complex. Especially when it comes to your electrical equipment.

When its comes to office relocation there are a lot of factors to be considered. One of the most important aspects to be considered is your electrics. Majority of modern offices are built upon electricity, and they rely on this electricity to function at their full capability. For example, Lighting, heating, IT systems and Audio-Visual. Therefore, it’s essential for your cabling and electrics to be planned with precision and effectiveness in mind. Planning all aspects of your office move will eliminate unforeseen disasters.


Electrical Relocation – What Should You Consider

Office Power & Data

Your day-to-day operations heavily rely on electricity, without a power supply you simply can not operate as a business. This is something that isn’t acceptable even on a short-term basis. You must liaise with the building owner to ensure a power supply is made available throughout the relocation process.

Under Floor Power

Under floor power is a very effective and aesthetically pleasing electrical solution. It’s a popular solution for new premises and it’s much better than the traditional solution. Rather than running cabling systems along the floor, with under floor power the cables are ran beneath the office floor. Not only does this minimise the messy appearance of wires, but it also allows you to be more flexible with the power points location.

Communication Room

Whether you previously had a dedicated comms room or cabinet. Before you move to a new premises its crucial for you to intricately plan the new location of your comms room or cabinet. Is your comms room in the best possible location available? How is the room ventilated? Do you have enough power? A high electrical supply is an absolute necessity for your comms room.

Completing your relocation

Electrical relocation is an essential part of any office move; it should not be taken lightly. The complexity of electrical systems will require a professional’s assistance. A professional will provide you with insight on numerous electrical regulations which must be adhered to for your premises to be safe and productive. Lastly, their experience will minimise the chances of anything going wrong. Thus, guaranteeing you a hassle-free relocation.